Tuesday 14 May 2013

It's Over, Baby it's all over now.

Woot Woot, the 9 Patch is done and delivered, the recipient, a long time friend and work colleague, is tickled pink with it.  I imagine that he and Mrs friend had it on their bed last night as it turned a bit chilly.

The chocolate just in view is Michael's how he can eat white chocolate toblerone I do not know.

All rolled up ready to go.

My sewing machine is having a rest now, after yet another clean and a nice new needle. I like to have it ready to rock and roll.

While the oven was on I made a Fruit crisp,

It was just a few sticks of Rhubarb and 2 eating apples ,peeled and cored, diced up and covered with
120 gramsof buttery stuff melted and the same weight of demerara sugar and oats stirred in, I threw in a handful of flaked almonds as well. I baked it for around 25 minutes at 180c. It went down well with some Greek Yoghurt, it is good cold for breakfast too, crunchy porridge and fruit!.
I like a crumble but do not always want to faff about rubbing butter into flour.

I have finally posted the book off to Mum and the embroidery pattern to Kim, they have been sitting on the side looking at me for ages, it was just a matter of brain,eye and hand coordination, it does not come easy when I am concentrating on a project.

It is a bright sunny day so far, washing is blowing in a gentle breeze and I am off to the garden.
                 TTFN    Pam


  1. I'm not surprised they're tickled pink with it, it's beautiful. Toblerone is a favourite in our house, it always features in Christmas stockings.

    1. I like all the components of the bar, not the white one, but do not like the bar itself.

  2. How long would it take for you to make a lovely quilt for everyone who reads your blog? Because I'm sure we all want one too!!!

  3. he he, 2 a month is about my time. i have been drooling over Lori Holt's new fabric line, Bake Sale, as soon as the money comes in from my next 2 quilts I will be buying some. They are both nearly finished but I have been asked not to put them on the blog. I have started Francesca's new one so will show that soon.

  4. I have just received your book today. Thank you so much. I shall look forward to dipping into it. I've been out dancing most of the day and I'm knacked. It's a lovely quilt. Your friends should be over the moon.
    Love from Mum

    1. Dancing hey, I danced round the garden a bit, well I was blown round really.


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