Thursday 9 May 2013

Back On Line at last and A Matter of Interest.

What a day,
It started with a letter from the BS to tell me that they are dropping the interest rate on my online savings account, and the sweetener that I can close it with no loss of interest. They also sent me details of the new ISA, coincidence I wonder.

I duly get on the phone,as I am instructed, and it rings ....and it rings...and I dial 15 minutes later ...and it rings....and it rings... Rinse and repeat again and again etc.

After the umpteenth time I decide to go online and try there, oh oh no internet available  so I wait and try again, oh oh no internet...does this ring a bell?

I need to pick up a prescription for Michael's Inhalers so I tootle off to the surgery, We are sorry but we can not find the prescription when did you request we go again. 12 minutes later I get what was ordered and go home, still no Internet but a massive headache is brewing.

2  tablets and a strong coffee later The BS is now closed , time to sling hash for dinner. Hash slung, eaten and washing up done and WOW we have Internet.

I also have indigestion from eating with a temper (too fast)and the tablets have fed my headache which is pounding away like a Jack Hammer on testosterone and steroids.

So in the interest.....not again......of harmony in the house I am off to soak in a bath with something soothing to smell, Lavender bath oil, something refreshing to drink,homemade lemonade, and the best cure that I know of for every ailment.........Dark Dark Chocolate.

TTFN    Pam


  1. Don't you just love the computerized world we live in - NOT.!!
    Keep calm, breathe, breathe, there, all better!!

    1. Ooh that is better, more chocolate will make it betterer, wont it?

  2. OMG What a day!! Definitely a double dark chocolate day with a couple of espresso's to wash it down. Ah well, tomorrows another day, hope its a better one x

    1. Fingers crossed, touch wood, no black cats in view and 1 magpie for a wish and all that Jazz. As long as Mr. S. has strips for the QAYG top an will make a start on that. Crafty therapy, balm for the soul.


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