Saturday 4 May 2013

Spring is Sprung in South Lincs.

The first sign of spring for me is this,

A field of gold, these daffs were planted last year and will stay in the ground for 3 years before being lifted. By the last year there will be no soil visible.

Closely followed by this.

No, I have not had too much sun. These are strawberry plants covered with an insect friendly membrane, this will protect them from frost and get the flowers opened early. The fruits under here will ripen a good 2 weeks before their uncovered neighbours. In rural areas this is THE sign that Spring is here.
A few things in the garden that are signs of spring.

Blossom on one of my Apples, just about to open fully.

Some miniature daffs that are blooming in a pot that I acquired through a bit of skip diving in February.
I just plonked it in an empty spot and waited to see what would occur.


The wild Lincolnshire cherry plum in full blossom, I usually get enough fruit to make all the jelly and chutney I need, last year I could count the fruit on the fingers of 1 hand, sob. good job I always make too much. I hope this year will be back to normal.

Last but not least, I picked this little sweetie up when dog walking, it had obviously been discarded as dead but with a bit of TLC it recovered and has since been popped into a little gap in the garden. This shows to me that a little water and some lovely spring sunshine can work wonders.

Dinner last night was very basic and super easy, homemade hot dogs with fried onions and lashings of sauce. Fingerlickinglipsmackingchindribblingtasteliciouslazyfood.  I used to make these for my younger brothers, served in crispy rolls they were a regular Saturday Tea enjoyed while watching Scooby Doo.

Tonight we are having meatballs from the freezer with Tagliatelle and some salad. I make stacks of these at a time and they freeze and reheat well, we all like them and I intend to indulge myself with some sewing time today.
I have done some sifting through web pages looking at QAYG methods, I am going to break out the William Morris fabric 9 patch blocks and have a little play.
I had a long session in the garden yesterday and am at work tonight so a gentle day is called for.

If you hear a loud bang and feel shock waves it could be my sewing hitting the wall as I vent my frustration. LOL.

You know what comes next.....TTFN  Pam  


  1. Lovely pictures! We also have huge fields not far from us covered in fleecey stuff, mainly for carrots, onions and potatoes.

  2. We see carrots and salad greens covered with fleece to keep insects out here and there. It all helps to get the yield high and has got to be better than spraying every five minutes.


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