Saturday 25 May 2013

Guess Where I Am

This is the only clue.

West Wales WOO HOO

We had a leisurely drive across yesterday via Cardiff just so that we could drive over the suspension bridge, not really,we just fancied a change.

This will be my domain for a week.

very old fashioned but spotlessly clean.

Just in case it rains, well it is wales.

Canoodle Corner.

My corner all pleasure.

Really comfy, I slept for NINE HOURS

Almost 3 nights sleep for me.

But I did not sleep Thursday night, I was too full of fizz.

Today we went to Tenby, I will post photos tomorrow.

We are at a barbeque in Cardigan  tomorrow at James's home and I will have a walk round and take a few photos.

I am making piri piri chicken, sweet chili pork and Eton Mess.

Cerys's Mum will make her wonderful rainbow coleslaw (I hope )

Her dad will supervise the cooking and I will play with Junior and Kaitlyn.

We have left Fran at home, she was hoping to join us but work is manic at her firm although she will be working from home. SAhe has several conference calls to New York and with the time difference travel to and from London would be difficult

Right it is almost 7, the sun is still shining and Junior wants me to play on the trampoline 
so it is     TTFN     Pam


  1. Enjoy your weekend.
    Love from Mum

  2. LOVE west Wales but awful roads from east-anglia to wales so glad you had a good journey, have a good time.

    1. We let Tom Tom set our route, although longer it was quicker.

  3. Wonderful Wales - I have spent many many happy times there - in various places. Hope you have a really lovely time - whatever the weather! Lx

    1. I love it here and have seen scorching sun to deep snow, still it is only weather.

  4. So jealous Pam! Nine hours sleep!! Seriously, the cottage will be lovely for a break away.Lucky you!

    1. I could hardly believe my eyes, but ihad not slept for around 36 hours, and when we got here I had to goon the trampoline with Junior, we brought Ben with us and he neede a long walk after the journey.


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