Saturday 29 June 2013

A new resident and a pressy from Wisconsin

I have been to Haverhill today, when I lived in Diss I used to go there 5 or 6 times a year but this was my first visit for over 12 years, thank goodness for Tom tom, he guided me there and back without a hitch.

I have been on the lookout for a smallish sewing machine just for my scrappy piecing, it had to be small as I am space poor. I also wanted it housed in a small cabinet or table so that I can take it into the kitchen or even into the garden easily.

Success, on my umpteenth trawl through the Bay of hopes I found just the job, the only glitch was the price. I put in a very cheeky offer  and managed to get it for half the advertised price, and here she is.

Her table has a few scrapes but that can be sorted, she was first purchased in 1984 for £85.

The long shot, soft focus.

There she is a Singer 413, in full working order and complete with a plate to cover the feed dogs for FMQ, spare needles, 4 feet and 3 bobbins. She also had a light but even layer of nicotine and a slight whiff of ashtray no 1.
Some of my magic solution of water, white vinegar and washing up liquid and a little elbowgrease and  she is white and shiny, well in the main, I still need to go round the dials and levers again.
I threaded her up and plugged her in and started very gingerly, no probs whatsoever, she was a bit slow and I took it nice and steady there is no telling how long she has stood idle. I am sending her for a service next week and then I will put her through her paces.
I am now on the hunt for a stool to tuck away under her, possibly a piano stool with storage under the seat.
Reasons to be grateful,

1. It has to be my bargain machine.

2. Coming home to find that Francesca had powered through 3 loads of washing, the ironing and blitzed the bathroom.

3. The greeting from Ben and Bertie,as I walked through the door.

4. The  gift that came from Wisconsin.

5. A box of 10 huge Mangoes that cost me 5p each.

I took part in the secret tote swap and this came from my partner.

In the parcel was a very pretty card, a pack of ground coffee and a mug wrap to keep a takeaway drink hot, I have to confess that I took the wrap to work to use last night and left it in my locker!

I will post about what I sent later as this is turning into a novella. TTFN   Pam

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