Wednesday 19 June 2013

Better Late than Never aka BOGOF

OOPS the phone rang just as I was about to preview my last post and I clicked on publish before writing my list for today, so yeretiz.

1. My pain meds, and the fact that they are freely available to me.

2. My empty laundry basket.

3. The peaceful village that I live in.

4. My work colleagues.

5. The restorative properties of Tea.

Enjoy your day where ever you are, find your list of things to be grateful for and smile.

TTFN     Pam


  1. Thank you for mentioning cutting back Broome . Mine is a second year in my garden , it has flowered well . I haven't had Broome before .
    Do you cut it back after flowering , will it flower on new shoots next year?

    1. I leave it until the flowers are gone before attacking, mine is in a corner so all I do is cut off the bits poking out too far, it is a bit leggy but I have other shrubs round it and the honeysuckle is always there waiting to push its way in.

  2. Good for you, Pam. (And pretty please - the beer and bread query I left?)

    1. Done, mine turned out lovely, oh and I made chocolate cake today read, make, enjoy.


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