Saturday 1 June 2013

Back from the Wild West

We arrived home at 7pm yesterday after a very easy journey, Tom tom showed us the way and apart from the usual heavy traffic creeping through Newtown  it was go go go.

Francesca managed to join us after a marathon work session and her brother picked her up from the station, it was so easy for her to call in at work and finish off all her assignments and hop on a train.

Unfortunately she was brewing a dreadful cold and on Thursday snuffled and sneezed her way round Folly Farm. It is a fantastic place for a visit if you are in Wales, we have been many times and highly recommend it. We take lunch with us, there are heaps of tables and chairs, it makes for a cheap day out as once you are in there is no need to spend money on the rides. There is enough free stuff to do, the only ride that we paid for was the go carts for Junior and that was £2 a car not a person.

Junior's birthday was enjoyed by all, James had a barbecue on Sunday and the birthday proper was on Wednesday, complete with cake and jelly mmmmm.

I was out of internet connection at the cottage and we spent so much time out and about that I just gave up trying to keep up with posting and reading. I waded through over 200 emails this morning and will begin reading blogs after dinner. We had our usual family meal out in the local fish restaurant, they are very good, well priced and have all the facilities that are needed for small children. Apart from that we ate in, I took enough homemade ready meals for 3 days and cooked the rest from scratch. Even  with buying the gas barbecue for James and Cerys we brought money home from our budget. That will go towards the next trip in August.

I looked round several Charity Shops but did not buy much, I found some fabric which I snapped up and some thin card for my EPP hexies.

I think that we will now start working towards moving to Wales, we all love it there. I sleep so much better there and the water is so good, at home I go through an electric kettle a year and am constantly cleaning tea stains off the mugs, our water is not nice at all.

We have toyed with the idea for some time now and as I plan on retiring completely next year it makes sense to plan the move as well.

I have caught up on the laundry, the house is just about back to normal and the ironing will happen as and when it takes my fancy ( or someone else will do it ). We are having curry tonight and roast chicken tomorrow both simple meals. I am aiming to live out of the freezers until the chest freezer is empty, it needs a defrost, then if we have decided to move we will probably sell it, one less item to worry about.

I hear the kettle calling, it must be time for tea.   TTFN   Pam


  1. Oh NO!! And I was thinking perhaps I'd get to know you!

    Mind you, we love Wales too - me because I spent so much time there as a child/teenager, and Jim because he loves to fish there, but we can't move far at the moment because of my mum, who depends on me quite heavily. Ah well, we visit now and again, and much of lives and networking happens here, so it would be a wrench to leave. In the meantime, glad you had a good time. Back to hard water and furred up kettles! Lx

  2. This is still only a dream, it would be wonderful to be near the grand children and we do love wales. We are also thinking about a holiday home there and maybe selling the cottage and buying a flat so we did not have the garden to think about. Tom tom took us down new roads and cut the journey down to 5 hours in peak traffic, at night it would be even quicker.

  3. I love Wales too. Glad you enjoyed the break.

    1. It was really lovely and I am looking forward to the next trip.


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