Monday 17 June 2013

Where did the day go?

I find it hard to believe that it is almost 7,pm, I have been rushing around like a headless chicken since 10.30 this morning but even so, time has just evaporated.

I did an extra shift last night , work was hectic and I was asked very nicely so I said yes. When I got home I just fell into bed and was gone with the fairies for 3 hours and woke up raring to go.

The airing cupboard is so tidy that it hurts,  Ieven sorted my towels by colour then size beforefolding them neatly, Anthea Turner eat your heart out.

The laundry basket and ironing basket are both empty again, I do not know where the washing comes from,

Both fridges are gleaming and the freezer half of the tall monster is organised to the 'nth degree.

All my tiled floors have been  swept and washed and I washed all the skirting boards. I think I have  had too much sun.

I gave all the pots a liquid feed this morning and now the birds from the nest in the honeysuckle have fledged I gave that a long overdue haircut.

I want to take some more photos but although it has been warm and dry the light has not been good today, fingers crossed for tomorrow.

I did another wardrobe and cupboard sweep and have 2 boxes full for the CS, I will take them in tomorrow and focus hard on not looking at anything.

Dinner was chilli and salad with some rice for Michael, he also sprinkled his chilli liberally with Feta! sounds strange but he loved it. He had eaten half of his Oreo twin pack before dinner an still managed to eat more than double my meal, and he is still a scant 32" waist. There is no justice in this world for sure.

Francesca is having a "working" dinner in London and will be home late, I will wait up for her, she may be 25 but I like to see her come home safe and sound.

I am enjoying the warm nights, we have a cotton sheet and 1 quilt on our bed now, not long ago there was a flannel sheet and 3 quilts.

My things to be grateful for today are,

1. My electric iron.
2. The glorious colour of the deep purple broom flowering outside my kitchen window.
3. My tidy bookcase.
4. My tea caddy, full of English Breakfast Tea leaves.
5. My pretty pink cardigan, 50p with labels still attached and a price tag over £20.

I am looking for a sewing machine cabinet, we are rearranging furniture to get all my sewing stuff in 1 place, i looked at Horn but even on Ebay they are very pricey, so maybe I should consider computer cabinets. I do want solid wood and do not mind buying an old one containing a machine if in good repair. i may have to spend some time ringing round the C S's and antique/second hand shops.

I feel that it is time to put the kettle on so    TTFN   Pam

PS, Bertie snuggled down with Michael and enjoying  forty winks.


  1. Good grief! You did all that on THREE HOURS SLEEP!!! TAke care, my woman you don't wear yourself out!!!

    I had a similar day yesterday but I had slept the clock round, having been overcome the night before by sheer exhaustion. I'm now back to normal. But night shifts do that to you, don't they? Especially one-offs. Oh those were the days, and thankfully they have passed!!

  2. I do not need much sleep and had a long sleep Saturday night and a lazy Sunday with friends, just lolling around talking and looking at photographs and playing "do you remember". I was surprised that I slept at all.

  3. I used to be able to sleep all day after a night shift but seem to have lost the ability think i managed 3 hours after my last night shift I keep waking up every time baby ipie needs feedin and i need lots of sleep! Loving the photo of bertie so cute x

    1. I can not remember ever needing much sleep, when I do sleep you could march the Band of the Blues and Royals round the bed and I would not hear a thing.


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