Tuesday 25 June 2013

Making a mess, and lovin' it

Ooh what a mess, enough to send the house proud gibbering in the corner.

Can you see where I scraped the paint off the wall, it was an accident honest it was. Well it was to start with and then I poked at it and ran the hoover over it and now I need to buy paint. I fancy a new colour, I have had this green for years.

I broke out the Toyota and 3 boxes of scraps, a few sheets of copier paper and set to with a vengeance.

3 of these sewn together end on, add 2 more strips of 3 and this happens. Can you tell what it is yet?

Add another strip set and fold it in half, cos it is too big to photograph.  well what is it?

I will tell you tomorrow. Don't you just hate half a tale, doesn't it make your toes curl up.

Can you see what I mean when I say that my scraps are "samey" I know it is my own doing, these are my go to colours. I do have quite a bit of purple but have not cut it yet. I have 2 oranges  and a very little red that are cut and I can not bring myself to cut into yardage just to get scraps. It just isn't cricket.
It doesn't help that in one of our sodden weeks of unremitting rain I pulled a lot of ends of yardage and cut into strips ready to make a string quilt, oh what a boon it would be to have a little foresight.
Of course, and I just know that you will agree with me on this one, the real problem is that I do not have enough fabric. Well it just happens that Southern Fabrics have a fantastic sale page and a good rate for shipping, I "let my fingers do the walking" and a nice little parcel is on its way. One of the things that is coming is a Moda Scrap Bag of Serenade by Kate Spain, I have none of this line and as it is scraps I will be diving right in there with my trusty scissors.

On  tastier note I picked up a basket of strawberries for £2 yesterday, they are the smaller ones and good for jam. I hulled them and froze half to go with red currants later and the rest made a strawberry crisp and enough for 3 days breakfasts whizzed up with a banana and some skimmed milk. Lush.

I have done 2 loads of washing so have a date with the iron later, I may make some bread and I want to make another chocolate cake for Nathan.
BTW does anyone read Mortgage Free in Three, she posts some really good recipes, I made a litre of buttermilk following her destructions and it is very good. I use it quite a bit in baking and it is not only pricey but I have to travel to get it. Not any more.

I feel a cup of tea coming on and I have a new toy to collect so must make arrangements. Yes of course I will share it with you.   TTFN    Pam


  1. I am in awe of a woman who is just as messy as myself in her sewing space, although I must admit to never hoovering the are hilarious Pam and had me choking with laughter while drinking my morning coffee.

    The scrappy patchwork is looking fab......mmmm I wonder what it could be!
    Kim x

  2. He he, I am not always messy, it is just that sewing with scraps means that I have to have loads of them to pick from. I only hoovered the wall to take off the loose paint, I just got carried away on a moonlit shadow....... or too much caffeine!


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