Sunday 2 June 2013

Slow, Sunny Sunday

What a glorious day we are having, I woke early to sunlight pouring through my bedroom window and to find that Ben had got not just onto the bed but had wrapped himself round my head like a turban. On second thoughts it could have been the heat and the snoring that woke me.

I managed to find a small load of washing, so as to not waste the weather and while that was churning round did most of the ironing. Francesca the wonderful finished it off for me.

We did a quick trip to Lynn to pick up 3 pieces of wood, Michael is building a curved bench for the garden and had run out.

We spent a couple of hours or so in the garden, I weeded round the apples and between the patio slabs while Michael demolished an old bench and cleared space in his "man cave"

The weather has convinced me that Piri Piri Chicken, jacket potato, coleslaw and salad will be the perfect dinner.

I have tempted fate by putting all the sweaters away, well it is June when all is said and done. The wardrobes are fairly full and I am going to cast my eagle eyes over the contents in the next few days, with a view to creating some space.

I did have a nosey round some of the shops in Wales and was amazed at the poor display and mediocre quality in many of them. I used to shop at H & M and Zara but they were terrible. Limp, badly creased garments of indeterminate shape in sludgy colours, I see better displays in most charity shops. Even Dorothy Perkins was drab and dreary. The one shining light was East, the colours were bright and sparkling, everything was pressed and hung neatly and the prices were acceptable. I did not buy as there is nothing that I need, but a few years ago I would have staggered out laden with bags of goodies.

One thing that shocked me was the proliferation of Japanese Knotweed growing on the roadside, I thought that it was mandatory to remove it. I did find lots of wild herbs and made use of many of them.

My tea is drunk, I wonder who that was, and I am off to shower before starting dinner. TTFN    Pam


  1. Welcome back from the wild west!

  2. Hi Pam, I wonder what it was with the shops in Wales - it all sounds very dired and dreary - not at all how I think of that country!

    Back to 'normal' now!


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