Wednesday 12 June 2013

Relaxing now, ha, shopping and ironing.

Well now that the dreaded injections have happened I am hoping that normality will resume. I have done a shop, not very big, just fresh stuff and toiletries really the freezer is still going strong.

A basket of ironing has been done and put away, Oh how I hate it.

Ben is enjoying his familiar walks and has met several ,new to him, dogs as we have moved our walk times. We now go on a longer walk twice daily as we have both got a bit of weight to move.

The garden is filling my hours, everything grew double fast while we were away and I am changing a few things here and there.

The sewing machines are under dust covers for a while but I have bought some new fabric from a friend who was having a clear out, in truth I did not part with a penny, a few jars of preserves, 2 fruit cakes and 2 cushion covers from my sewing cupboard sealed the deal.
Bartering is fun and we both felt that it was a win win.

I am toying with having a stall at a craft fair, I have shelves of made up items and space is at a premium. I spend all winter sewing and there are only so many cushions, bags, aprons and so on that you can give as presents.

I was asked for a baby quilt in a hurry early last week and using blocks that I was trying out made one in two hours, it was only crib sized but I impressed myself and the customer was delighted. I could not price the fabric as it was out of my stash so I used Moda prices and blanched at the result, I always use a natural batting and good quality backing fabric and she thought that it was a fair price. I took a photo but it is still on my camera, I will post it later.

If I could sell enough to keep me occupied, at least in the winter, that would persuade me to retire completely, I have a horror of having nothing to get out of bed for. I am fine all summer and early autumn.

Dinner is in the oven, the famous Bacon Chops in a cider bath. A macaroni cheese is ready to join them and carrots and cauli. I have made a batch of leeks and chicken pasta in a smoked cheese sauce for Francesca's lunches, that is enough meals now for six weeks.

By then we will be near our next trip to Wales and hopefully the freezer will be at least half way to empty. I feel a cup of tea coming on so it is TTFN    Pam


  1. Pam you should really price your items at cost of the materials - we all know you can't, at our level, expect to get paid for your time/labour, but you shouldn't sell yourself short. You did buy that fabric at some point, having it on your shelf does not make it 'free'!!

    Hope the bacon chops went down well - I always think of you when I buy them now, or of Dc. And hope the awful health scare has been resolved.

    1. I will work out a price using the current price of similar materials and will add on to cover needles and thread, a bit for leccy and a bit to invest in new fabric.
      The chops were as good as ever.
      Michael is still in pain and will be going back to see the GP next week.Thank you for asking. Pam

  2. Bartering is great fun, I seem to be doing it more and more often these days with friends and through our LETS group, I find it much more satisfying than shopping :)

    1. I must love up to see if there is a LETS group near me, it is so satisfying to swap and leave the money where it belongs, in the bank. Pam

  3. Sorry Pam , I cannot see anything about translate on Nina's blog . Can you point me in the direction


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