Thursday 20 June 2013

Chocolate in Cake Form, thank you Iowa

One of the blogs that I read avidly is "The Iowa Housewife", it is recipes, tried and tested by real people in real families. Today's post was for moist chocolate cake, now I do have a favourite recipe for this type of cake but it makes a large cake and I fancied something smaller and quicker
 My work partner Nathan is back tonight and he just loves chocolate cake. When he came to work with me I promised his grandmother, my lovely friend and neighbour Marina, that I would mentor him, I have almost adopted him instead.

Any way I made double the mix so that I could QC the finished product, I do.not want to put him off cake for life! fat chance.

Here they are still steaming hot.

Looking good once decanted and still warm.

Looking even better with a little scoop of vanilla ice cream.

The shiny crust is just a little crisp and the crumb is so soft and not at all wet, and it tasted really good.
I simply doubled the recipe but used SR flour and 1 tsp of baking powder I added 1 tsp cinnamon and a tsp of coffee granules to the water, next time I will double the cinnamon or use ginger instead.

I will be making this again it was fast to mix, I used a balloon whisk so easy to wash up as well.

Things to be grateful for.
1. Myrna at The Iowa Housewife.

2. My Dining table cleared ready for the next project.

3. Today's rain watering my garden for me.

4.Steve Wright for playing music to my taste today.

5. My empty ironing basket.

Francesca is eating out in London with a friend tonight so I will not see her until she gets home from work tomorrow, I love that she socializes but still miss her.

Michael is back to see the GP tomorrow, if he does not get this sorted soon I may have to remove it myself. I know that he is in pain but I do not make a good nurse!

I must wash up and put my kitchen to rights and decide what to pull out of the freezer for tomorrow. Tomorrow I will go to the market in Sutton and stock up on fruit and veg, then pop into the Co op for milk and shopping will be done.
I am really enjoying lucky dips from the freezer, it is stretching my brain a bit and it is fun making new recipes up.     
Before I go I would like to welcome new followers, feel free to drop in for a visit as and when and if you like to leave a comment I will endeavor to reply.    TTFN    Pam


  1. That cake looks gorgeous Pam, not that I will be baking any time soon. Weightwatchers still has me in its grip!

    1. I only had a tiny piece and the rest is cut up and going to
      work tonight so out of temptations way. I have no will power at the moment so do not have the goodies in the house.


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