Wednesday 5 June 2013

Catching my Breath

We are having a wonderful time with my baby brother, it is 3 years since I was in Australia to see him, and my lovely SIL. We have talked almost non stop and caught up on all the family gossip. Lots of old friends have come together and yesterday afternoon it caught up with us and we had lunch late and slipped into a doze! that turned into a 3 hour nap,Oops.

In the middle of all this Michael and I have had to plan a trip to Stockport tomorrow, sadly while we were in Wales his Grandmother died and the funeral is tomorrow. It is not too bad a journey so we will  be back in the early evening.

Then on Friday we are having an open house at a friends with a nibbles buffet during the day and , weather permitting, a barbecue in the evening. On Saturday we will take brother and wife to Heathrow as they fly out early Sunday morning.

We are making firm plans to go to Oz to see them next year, my eldest nephew has a long standing girlfriend and it is highly likely that they will marry next year. The younger nephew says he will wait a few years before even considering a serious girlfriend, he is in the first year of an apprenticeship so can not afford to "go steady". We have had long excited chats via Skype at lots of funny times of the day!

The garden is fending for itself and the sewing machines are gathering dust, I can not remember the last time I opened a book. Next week my life will return to normal and I will play catch up, I can not tell you how good I feel and how happy I am, and as to how I will feel waving goodbye on Saturday well I am sure to have a soggy tissue or three. But hey, at least my tear ducts will be clean!

Right, it seems that it is my turn to make tea and someone asked for scones so I better get busy, I picked up some cream from the local dairy this morning thank goodness and I have some English strawberries, hot house grown but divine.    TTFN  Pam


  1. WHat a wonderful busy, happy, social time you've been having, Pam. We had family in NZ and Oz, hurrah for Skype, I say! You should have a good weather for the rest of the week, so your partying should be good fun.

  2. Sounds like you are having a brilliant time ( except for the funeral of course)hope the weather stays good for you

  3. How wonderful for you must be lovely spending time with your brother, and so exciting to be visiting such a beautiful country as Australia........something I could only dream of.

    Try not to make too many soggy tissues on your departure,

  4. I need your info for the Santa Sack Swap ASAP...


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