Saturday 22 June 2013

Contented Guinea Pigs

The chocolate cake was a winner, I have a little group of willing victims/guinea pigs at work who taste test all my new cake recipes.
 Nathan had his cake to take home and the other I cut into  12 squares, I had 1 with ice cream and took the rest to work. Michael had 1 and the other 10 were snaffled up, the last bit had to be broken in half as 2 "grown men" were having a discussion over it.
All gave a positive thumbs up and agreed that a dribble of cream would turn it into heaven. I was going to make 2 today but have been otherwise occupied but it is top of the list for tomorrow.

Michael went to the doctor late this morning and was referred to hospital for Xray this afternoon, luckily we only had to go to Wisbech and were out of the house for just over an hour.

I did take the opportunity to visit Button up & Stitch and replenish my stock of iron in interfacing and
2 oz wadding. I use these when making bags and want to run up a few for gifts. I also bought a metre of black and white cotton for bag handles.

I made a large loaf and 6 large baps before we went and Michael had one filled with home cooked ham as soon as we returned, he pronounced it delish.

My list of five things to be grateful for.

1. Michael finally on the way to getting sorted.

2. Ben for loving me so profoundly.

3. Grand Designs, I am hooked.

4. Home made Barbecue sauce.

5. New Potatoes, home grown, with mint.

Tonight we are having Pulled Pork with my barbecue sauce in home made bread baps and salad.
Francesca was badly delayed due to the vagaries of British Rail and this is one of her favourites.

I am going to take Ben for another walk so it is    TTFN    Pam

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