Sunday 16 June 2013

Sunday socialising

Oops, did you notice that I completely missed out the savings bit yesterday.  I went to the local Co op for a few things and had a look at the reduced section, as usual. Oh My Word, 3 legs of lamb, half price and then reduced by £3 each 3 of those became mine, pork chops in a Chinese glaze on offer and then reduced to half price I had 2 of those, good sausages £3 for 10 I had 1 of those and will separate them before freezing and packs of 4 x 120 grams Burgers  BOGOF. I do not normally buy burgers but picked up 2 packs.
Then I made my way to the Deli counter, the Coop are the only shop that reduce their cheese by 50% and I picked up 2 large blocks of Mature Cheddar, 2 wedges of Shropshire Blue and 2 pieces of Tintern  with chives and shallots, I have not bought this before but at half price I am sure that it will taste good.
My freezer is stuffed to the gills and I am a happy saver.

Today's reasons to be grateful,
1. Ben and Bertie
2. The scent of my Geoff Hamilton roses.
3. The company of old friends.
4. The glorious sunshine.
5. BBC Radio 2.

Michael has given the kitchen a quick blitz this morning so all I have to do is cook dinner and wash up, I am very fortunate to have him in my life.
It is, of course, Father's Day. My mother always said that Father's day was every day. Francesca is in Cambridge, with friends, for the day and gave Michael his goody bag last night, a huge bar of Toblerone, a double pack of Oreo's, 2 bags of Haribo sweets and a DVD ParaNorman, he was as happy as a dog with 2 tails.
I am not sure that it will be my cup of tea but we will watch it together next weekend.

We are having beef for dinner and a form of Eton Mess for pudding, Strawberries do not agree with Michael so into the broken meringue I will stir melon, figs, almonds and yoghurt, yummy.

Now I am off to get things started.  TTFN  Pam


  1. Hi Pam, I worked with a lady who also said everyday was fathers day! She is right in a way with some men.
    I am also loving my Geoff Hamilton roses in flower right now.They are amazing.

    1. My Mum loved Dad but liked to keep him in his place. The blooms are so pretty a bit like a layered petticoat and smell divine.

  2. I also write small things I am grateful for each day, I started it on my blog a while ago but changed to writing it in a journal. I love how it makes you look at things in a positive way and no matter how bad a day you might have had there is always something to be thankful for.I am enjoying reading your lists :)

    1. It is difficult to keep it at 5, but every day is different. I love my job, sometimes I love it most on my days off.

  3. You found a few bargains there, Pam, well done! Yes, my parents never celebrated mother or father's day - other than the cards I made at school. We do it more, but this year both our sons forgot so there were no cards for Jim - though they remembered me on Mother's Day. We never get huffy about it - it's not intentional, and we even forget our wedding anniversaries most years!! I MUST blog today, I am woefully behind, and I think there will be some 'reasons to be cheerful' somewhere along the way!

    1. Come on Lynne, you can cook, you can sew, there are 2 reasons to be cheerful.


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