Wednesday 19 June 2013

Hipnotism and other Alements

I am in the relentless grip of sciatica, it hit me last night. I was dressing for work and bent down to put my socks on and WHAM Red Hot Knives in my ankle, knee and hip.  I hit the floor gasping for breath like a fish out of water.

Two paracetamol and a strong coffee, the caffeine pushes them into the system, and 10 minutes and I went to work. It was a busy night with a high level visit in the morning so I could and would not let the team down.

We worked like mad and got the cooking finished and most of the area sparkling by 4.00 so I came home early. I took my prescribed medication and fell into bed, it is now 13.12 and I have been up long enough to drink a cup of tea and pour the second one.

I have been given a pack of 6 different Ales, it was a gift to a work colleague who is tea total and who knows that I like to cook with beers. I rescued a piece of brisket from the freezer when I got home and it is now sitting in the fridge in a marinade of Oyster Stout, bay leaves, peppercorns and mustard seeds. I will put it in the slow cooker for tomorrows dinner.

There is a bottle of Waggle Dance in the pack and that will go into a bread dough later in the week, using a bag of Spelt flour which together should make a tasty loaf or two.

I had planned to spend time weeding today but that is out of the question so will indulge in some reading and music, if and when that palls I have a box or three of old photos awaiting my attention.

I need to eat some toast, the meds leave me exceedingly thirsty and quite nauseous but tea and dry toast sort those out, I just have to avoid Dairy products for a couple of days BOO HOO,
 I have some Lincolnshire Poacher cheese ready for Welsh Rarebit hmmmm that does not seem right, perhaps I should call it Lincs rarebit!
 I will use a little of one of the beers in that I have not chosen which one yet.

Michael has put a load of washing on the line and the machine is well on its way through a second load, I am off to shower away the sleep and meds induced fug.  TTFN    Pam


  1. I hope you get relief from the pain soon. Sometimes I think the side effects of medication are almost as bad as what you originally take them for just different.

    1. Thank you dreamer, luckily this does not happen frequently I hate taking any medication. Thankfully this one just relaxes all my muscles and usually after one or two doses I am up and running.

  2. Poor you, Pam, I hope you have recovered from this episode, and may the next one be a LONG way down the line.

    Now I have cooked beef in beer, but not used it in bread making - I do use Spelt often and love the flavour. Can you let me know how you use the ale in the bread mix? Lx

  3. I just use it in place of water, if it is a strong flavour I dilute it by half, I just leave the bottle in the kitchen overnight to get it to room temperature.Thank you Lynne, i am just about right again, I will take it steady for a day or two.

    1. Thanks Pam, will try this next time I bake. (Must nip out for some Real Ale!)


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