Tuesday 4 February 2014

A day out and a Freebie.

This morning I drove to Spalding and took 2 neighbours, Nev and George. George is 87 and I had to trot to keep up with him, his car is in dry dock and he likes to visit the market.
I was pleasantly surprised, the market has grown considerably since I was last there. I do not often visit as it is 7 miles further than Wisbech or Lynn and less to see than either. However we had a side trip to Baytree Garden center on the way home.
I got some Nadine seed potatoes, I like these as an early maincrop although they are classed as a second early. I was really pleased as I have not seen them for a few years, I will also grow Arran Pilot and Rocket, all in tubs and bags round the paved area.
I was given 2 bags of bulbs at Baytree, which are now in pots, it is late to plant but if they don't flower this year they will next.

There were several varieties to pick from but I had these, they are fragrant and will make a show in 2 pots 1 either side of my door.

I have completed 2 more cushion covers and am very pleased with them.

I will be repeating this idea through my year of 52 challenges, not just cushion covers, I love bright colours and my head is buzzing with ideas. I saw a display of chiffon scarves in Spalding Market, if I can pick some up in the CS I think that they will make a good replacement for net curtains. 

Dinner tonight was Cottage pie with a sweet potato topping, roast carrots and parsnips and sprouts. Followed half an hour later with a slice of apple and mincemeat sponge with a little cream, yummy.
I earned that walking about  miles round Spalding and Baytree, not to mention the 3 walks that Ben had.

Tomorrow I am sorting out the big greenhouse, scrubbing the potting bench and generally getting ready to start some serious gardening. I am looking forward ti rolling my sleeves up and getting busy.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A good day out with good company.

2. Sunshine, and lots of it.

3. Free flowers, lovely.

4. I have found a replacement slow cooker, half price. HAPPY.

5. The garden has emerged from swamp, it is looking better each day.

My slow cooker is 6.5 litre and I collect it tomorrow, it is also technically FREE as I have 2 £10 gift cards from work, and there is more than enough on my Nectar points to make up the rest. 
No sewing for a couple of days my garden is singing a siren song and I am on the way to being bewitched.

                TTFN                                  Pam


  1. Well I have just tried to comment and it disappeared and then I remembered I have tried a few times before and the same happens which is why you never see my comments. I will try once more:)

    Spading is famous for bulbs isn't it? You are very lucky to see signs of early Spring. We are still in the midst of rain, storms, wind and boggy weather, here in the New Forest. We also have a dog killing disease in the Forest so it's not easy to find nice, safe walks. My Goldie hardly has time to shed all the dirt (and sand) all over the house before it's time to go find some more. Roll on Spring! Hope this comment doesn't disappear into the ether like all the others.

    1. I have read lots of blogs with complaints about posting comments, I had a few days when I couldn't post replies correctly. Spalding is certainly famous for bulbs, there is a parade every year with the most amazing floats covered in flower heads.

  2. Sounds like you had a nice day ... very wet and windy here ... Oh for some playing out weather!
    It was so cold and dreary working today .. I had to have chocolate cake just to get through the morning!

    1. I had a lovely day, thank you. I think that the cake was an excellent move. Keep up the good work.

  3. As soon as the sun shows I get twitchy in the garden . Many times I start too early with planting and then have o do it again .
    bitterly cold today ., I shall stay tucked in.

    1. garden centers make a deal of money by selling bedding plants early, 3 weeks later they sell just as many to people who have lost them to a late frost. I wait until I think the time is right and them give it another week.


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