Sunday 23 February 2014

Walking in Royal Footsteps

I told you about my excursion to Sandringham, what I didn't do was show you all the photos.

Gates leading to the scenic drive, footpaths snake off this through the woodland, a perfect place for dogs and their families.

A next door village sign, new a short while ago.

This sign says it all.

This building houses the Royal waiting room and is open a few times a year.

The line was a continuation of the London to Kings Lynn line and really made Sandringham not just bearable but perfect for its first Royal occupant. His friends were then able to visit at the drop of a hat, and boy did they flock here.
The estate was purchased by Queen Victoria for her naughty son Bertie, Prince of Wales. He would later become Edward V11, our Queen's grandfather.
I suppose that he was in effect banished when his extra marital affairs became too embarrassing. He did however continue entertaining once moved in. It is a well documented fact that Camilla, wife of the current Prince of Wales is the descendant of one of the royal favourites.

Of course the railway went on to Hunstanton making the planned seaside resort an actuality. The nearest large resort to it was Cromer, the land between was not really suited to development. The farming and shooting gentry valued the wet lands and salt marshes and there was no chance that it would ever become touristy. Wells next the Sea remained as it was more or less and Sheringham was always a smaller, quieter neighbour to Cromer.

These were under water until 3 days ago, and are holding their faces up to the sun.

My crochet scarf, I am halfway round the second round of the pattern, the pale pink is a touch too pale but the only other pink that I had was too deep. This is not a problem as I am such a new learner, I do like this pattern and will be looking for some wool to make it again, I quite fancy using a variegated in yellows or even purple. I will not make my mind up till I get to the wool shop.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My meal plan is done for the next 4 weeks and there is not much to buy.

2. 2 episodes of Crocodile Hunter have been enjoyed.

3. The TV series taken from a David Baldacci book is in the Sky box ready to record, it is one of his series that I have not read yet.

4. The village shop has had a good 3 days trading, not bad after being closed for a few months.

5. I found some leather Mary Jane's in the Hotter sale, with free delivery, happy feet has nothing on me.

I am a size 8-9 depending on the make, standard fit and a fairly high instep, not easy to find shoes that fit and do not look like the boxes that others shoes come in.


  1. A nice day out! Your scarf looks great, I'm going to try & make one later on in the year but I'm sticking to the place colour in the book.

  2. I am going to make at least one more in a brighter colour, I am a bit of a gypsy when it comes to colour.


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