Sunday 16 February 2014

The screaming wind is replaced by a Rhythmic Clicking

Well I did it, a cloth has been crocheted, not huge but big enough.

I just found an old crochet hook and used the craft cotton and
made a big Granny Square. It will be tried out and washed to see if the shape holds.

Then I braved the dragon and did this,

Size 6 needles, 40 stitches and basket weave. So far so good, once finished I will use it and wash it to see if the shape holds, which ever one survives the best will be repeated.
No aches or stiffness from holding the needles but I will take it steady, the temptation is to click away till it is big enough.

I went and had a look at the Art and Craft center this morning, there was no one about but there is a notice for a craft fair 1st and 2nd of March. Only 2 weeks away, I have it on the Calendar and will go and have a look see.

Lovely and Sunny here, it was so quiet when I woke up, no wind howling. It is a good thing that I keep on top of the laundry, water pressure was very low when I got up and dropped steadily through the morning. We got full pressure back around 1.

I was given an old copy of Country Music Magazine, dating from November 2003. It the copy with Johnny Cash on the cover, celebrating his music. I have been a fan from the early days and am thrilled with the gift. Coincidentally I have ordered the new biography from up the Amazon, it has had excellent reviews. There will be a new album released in March, recorded years ago and never released by his then recording company, that is on order as well.
I read that there have been many surveys carried out regarding Country music and one fact is constant in all of them. There a 2 names that are instantly recognized by fans of all genres of music, Dolly Parton and Johnny Cash. Dolly has a tour planned of the UK, although I am a fan I will not be purchasing tickets. The cost is a factor but the main reason are the crowds. I can not cope with being squished, pushed and shoved by hordes of sweaty humanity. Just thinking of breathing in clouds of perfume and cologne/aftershave laden air warmed to tepid with body heat makes me come over all unnecessary. 
That sounds very affected but it is the honest truth, I like people just not en masse. When I was at work, if the canteen was packed, I sat down for the time it took to drink my tea and then left, pdq.

As a teenager I went to concerts and discos every weekend and loved it, then again I was also a big fan of the fast rides in the fairground and queued up for the first day of the sales, not now.

I dislike crowds, steer clear of the sales and shop when supermarkets are quiet. If we have a family gathering I am first in and first out when it gets busy.

Time is ticking away and I have to get dinner on the go. BTW my dinner last night was superb, if a restaurant could achieve and maintain that standard it would be a gold mine.

TTFN                                                     Pam


  1. My knitted dishcloths, knitted in cream dishcloth cotton turned a horrible dirty colour and looked so bad I had to use them as floorcloths. Let us know how the white ones fare.
    Love from Mum

  2. Cloths look brilliant! I did all mine in white and the washed very well and come up like new in a bit of bleach or baby bottle sterilizer. They are much nicer to use than the bought ones.

    1. I am using the crochet one and it feels so sturdy and is rinsing out nice a nd white so far.

  3. One of the best concerts we ever went to was Dolly Parton. Kenny Rogers was the headliner but I think Dolly stole the show! We don't go to concerts anymore. It seems that every one feels the need to stand up throughout the whole thing, so unless you're in the front row you have to stand up to see anything. Age and bd backs wont allow that.
    I do all my dishcloth knitting in the car when we are travelling. I can make one in about an hour, so in an 8 hour journey I can get quite a few made! The ones I like the best are some I made with a Paton's polished cotton D.K., 2 strands together.

    1. I usually do EPP in the car, unless i am driving of course. I may try the crochet when I am a passenger next.

  4. The basket weave looks great. Glad your wrists aren't hurting. My favorite country singer is Jim Reeves. Bring back lovely memories of my childhood when my Mum used to play him.

    1. I am also a fan of Jim Reeves, although Porter Wagoner was the first country singer that I "discovered", closely followed by Kitty Wells. I have finished the basket weave and started another with larger pins, I find that the cotton twists and snarls so have to find something else to use.


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