Saturday 22 February 2014

Dinner for Four for £2 and a new crochet project.

I have been busy and idle today, I was up and about at stupid o'clock, in the new Tesco at Wisbech and home again before 9 this morning. It is a Tesco Extra, not huge but plenty big enough. I didn't need much but went for a nosey and a tank full of petrol, I used my latest vouchers so it was extra cheap.

I had very little to do in the cottage today so a brew, a walk with Ben and then a whizz round with vacuum, polish and cloth and it was 10.30. 

I decided that as my crochet hooks had just arrived I would give them a whirl. Out came the book that I have been hoarding for months.

I had always intended to make this as soon as I felt able, but the colour is too bland, mine will be green, pink and cream. I will show and tell soon.

I also caught up with emails and blog reading, ooh I must share. I won the give away on Little Family of 3, some yummylicious mushroom couscous from AF. Sarah bought it and the family didn't like it much. I look forward to trying it, as I love couscous and mushrooms it should be a winner.

I have guests for dinner tonight, I am determined to stick to my use it up and keep it cheap campaign, hmmm 2 boys to feed..... I know PIZZA.
I also wanted to make some rolls to have with my soup lunches. Out came another book.

I bought this book for 50p at a car boot sale, someone had paid £5 for it, cover price was £25 duh.

I have made this recipe many times and love it as a loaf so I thought rolls and a Pizza base in one go. Boom. I used half and half wholemeal and white bread flour.

Pizza base part cooked for 5 minutes.

Five rolls, Monday to Friday lunches.

The pizza base was spread with a dilution of tomato paste, water and a squeeze of hot and spicy tomato sauce.
Then I tipped on some sliced smoked sausage, diced roast pork and diced roast chicken all from the freezer. This was drizzled with a sachet of Thai Sweet Chilli sauce. Then a layer of vegetables was added, red and green peppers, red onion and mushrooms.

A special from AF, I think they were 5p each.

I had some Stilton from a well reduced wheel bought after Christmas and portioned and frozen down. A little went a long way.

Looks pretty good to me.

This was mine, the smallest piece, OMW it was so good. I had half a bag of mixed salad, plenty for 4. I have roughly worked this out to cost of £2.00, dinner for 50p nice.

I had planned on a pudding but we were all full, well the boys did manage to squeeze 2 muffins down , 2 each that is. I keep some in the freezer, 1 minute in the ding oven.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Good food, good friends, very good.

2. A new learned skill coming in to play.

3. Bright sunshine all day.

4. A book by my newest found author is about to be televised.

5. I have a stack of "Crocodile Hunter" recorded to crochet by.

I watched these Steve Irwin programs when they were first shown and it is good to see them again. he was very enthusiastic, some times a bit OTT, but was so genuine that it did not matter.
I have not abandoned my sewing, I have several things on the go but the crochet is new and I am so pleased to be getting on with it.
I have some more Sandringham pictures to share and hope to do that tomorrow.
I had a very busy day yesterday and it was almost 10:00 pm before I realised that I had not written a post, that means that there will be a couple of long ones like today's.
Time to go and make tea I think.

TTFN                                                               Pam


  1. Great to see another AF shopper

    1. I have been shopping with them since I started reading blogs and discovered them. I stock pile when things that I use are on promotion or reduced. I f I spot something new at a giveaway price I will pounce and find a way to make it fit in with my taste. I grew up learning to make a meal from what was there. Shopping was done to a strict budhet and there was no "wriggle room".

  2. I have that Nicki Trench book, as well as her knitting and her quilting books - she has a very easy to understand way of explaining and uses pictures very well.
    I have found all her ideas work well but yes someof her colour schemes are a bit "muted" for my taste!

    That pizza looks yum :)

    1. It was very good, I will be making it again, well a version of it. I bought stacks of those chilli sauce sachets, I am sure that they were 20 for a £1. I don't mind the cream but as I am very fair skinned ( I have to sunbathe to become normal flesh colour) I need colour near my face to appear living.

  3. Pizza looks wonderful, Cute & Easy crochet is the book I'm using at the moment.

    1. The pizza was delish, I will make some of the things in the book and then look for something a bit more challenging.

  4. That pizza looks delicious- I do prefer home made pizza.

    I can't wait to see your completed crochet, what a fantastic bargain on that book as well- 50p!

    1. I do not buy pizza as the fat content is so high, there are around 1800 calories in a shop pizza! The book was a bargain, I have found a few like that and it is well used.

  5. Array comments playing up! That pizza looks SPOT ON! Looking forwards to seeing the crochet x

  6. Home made pizza is The Best, and heavens, you have managed to get a two course meal on yours! Certainly a meal good enough for visitors I bet they went home well pleased! I wonder which book it is that is being televised? Come on, put us out of our misery, Pam!

    1. I do not know which book but it is one of a series by David Baldacci.

  7. I have that Crochet book, but it is now in the charity shop pile. I did learn to do crochet stitches from it though.

    1. I bought it months ago at a good price once I had made up my mind to learn crochet.


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