Tuesday 25 February 2014

Tuesday, Oh My.

Well what a day of contrasts, I walked Ben in brilliant sunshine, came home and put a load of towels to line dry and went off to Spalding. The nearer I got the darker it became and then woosh, I drove into a monsoon, a cold one. The rain hammered down and all traffic just stopped, I could barely see the wipers moving it was so heavy. 5 minutes and we started moving, albeit slowly, I was nearer to Spalding than home so gritted my teeth and carried on.
 The market was awash and stall were packing up, I went to the fruit stall as they were desperately trying to salvage as much as possible.

This little lot cost me a whole £1, the satsumas skin is a bit tatty but the fruit is juicy and sweet.

Before I went I got dinner on the go.

The ingredients, the drumsticks and wings of a chicken and 1 bacon chop from Mr S. A dish of vegetables, 2 carrots, 2 sticks of celery, 1 leek and half of a red and a green pepper. 2 tsp Chinese 5 Spice and a packet of Hoisin and Garlic sauce. All in the slow cooker, add enough chicken stock to barely cover, salt and pepper, lid on and low for around 6 hours.

Break up the bacon chop, skin and break the meat off 1 wing and 1 drumstick, add to the veg. Cook 3 nests of noodles and hey presto 3 meals.

The high point of my day was this, it came via the Postie.

My win from Sarah at A Little Family of 3, I look forward to trying it.

I just love raspberries and threw this crumble together so fast that I forgot to sweeten the fruit, I just sprinkled some on the top, it was delicious.

I spent over an hour on the phone texting Fran this afternoon, fine tuning the arrangements for her New York Bar. The course work is done here and has to be paid for soon, the exam is in 2 parts in New York and can not be paid for until April, the exam parts will be in different areas and she will not find out where until May!! That could mean 2 hotels which we can not book till then. Getting these details from her was akin to getting blood out of a stone. It had to be text as she was working in a "silent" area of the office. I tell you that I do not know how someone so clever can be so dense. In the end I had to "shout" at her to read each question and answer them, with no extra unnecessary details, NOW. I think we are on track and I will be transferring the course fees tomorrow.

Reasons to be grateful.

I am going to roll it out in a sentence, a loooong sentence.
I am grateful that I have all of you to vent this at, to release the pressure, I am grateful that you did not see my face, red and blotchy with the effort it took to keep calm, I am so grateful that the monsoon cleared and the sun blazed down so that I could go and stomp round the field to calm down, I am grateful that Fran is in London and not here tonight as I could not face a rehash. More than any of that I am so so grateful that I have her in my life to drive me round the bend.
All you Mums will know exactly what I mean.

I really love her , but there are times..........
I can write no more.

TTFN                                                      PAM


  1. Your grateful post made me laugh, I could almost feel the stress. Take care

    1. I love her to bits but sometimes I understand why parents beat their children, and she is 26!

  2. Oh my how very much I understand your post especially with my youngest son who is now 41 but still frustrates the life out of me sometimes. I love the very bones of my children but

    What a wonderful haul of fresh fruit, and the chicken dish looking good too, Hope today is a better one for you.

    Peg xx

    1. I am sure that most parents have episodes of total frustration with their adult toddlers.Wednesday is brilliant, I will post later.

  3. I do tell my children that it's a good job I love them , it's the only thing that stops me from killing them! Only joking, well sort of!!

    1. Years ago Diana Dors starred in a sitcom called Queenie's Castle, in one scene she was taking someone to task over one of her sons. Her words where roughly " he is my son and if anyone is going to hit him its me"


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