Monday 17 February 2014

The Green Green Haze of Spring

Hello, good evening and welcome to two new followers, iah2563 and awholeplotoflove, lovely to have you along.
 I have had a day of mixed busyness and idleness. 
Do you remember when I showed you my LQS and spotted the Russian Doll remnant when I put the photos on the post? Well I rang and asked them to save it for me and very kindly they did so.  After rearranging the sitting room, including moving an antique Singer in it's own cabinet up to my spare bedroom/soon to be craft room, putting lots of things into their rightful places I took Ben and Greg out. We usually go for a run round "their" field but it was quite foggy so we road walked instead. 
Then I finally went to Wisbech to visit Button Up & Stitch to collect my fabric.

I love the slightly muted colours, I did ask if one of them would pick me 4 fabrics to work with this, possibly including a solid.
The lovely Jennifer obliged, she did pick 6 so that I had a choice and this is what I decided upon.

I asked for a half meter cut as there is just about that of the Russian Doll, when I saw the solid I decided to have 1 1/2 meters I love it. Now that I have them home and snuggled up together I am thinking of going back tomorrow and finding another solid, possibly green.
I took the opportunity to have a quick rummage in the remnant bin and came out with this.

I do not use much brown, it is far from my comfort zone, but there are times when it is needed. This is a very muted shade, soft and cosy. I quite like the almost ditsy pattern, I expect it to worm it's way in to several items.

The shop has not moved yet, there are always hold ups but it should (fingers crossed) happen this Sunday, the shop will be closed on Monday and I will be falling through the door on Tuesday.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Lovely people in a lovely shop.

2. Pretty fabrics waiting for me to create with.

3. Sunshine and gentle weather.

4. The haze of green on trees and bushes as leaves slowly start to unfurl.

5. My sad little Primrose, rescued from the garden center cheap box, is thriving and sad no more.

I took the dogs on a new walk this morning and on the south facing side of the lane there is a soft green haze, very pretty and maybe a hint that Spring is closer than we think. It will soon be time to put meal worms out on the bird feeders, it takes energy to lay eggs and sit on them. 
I have a dreadful confession to make. I hung new (to me) curtains on my front door a few weeks ago. They were £3.00 in the CS and still in their Next packaging. I hung them and pinned up the hems and left them to settle and drop before cutting and sewing. Well they hang there still pinned as I can not decide whether to make them 2" longer or not.
They are washable so I will only allow 3" for possible shrinkage. I have no excuses for my procrastination but I am sick of trying not to see the pins. Tomorrow they come down to be cut and hemmed, no excuses, no prevarication and no dinner till they are done.

On the subject of dinner, I made a fridge bottom pasta bake tonight. It was delicious and was totally left overs and odds and sods. I call it a 50p dish and there is enough for tomorrow.  
I can not use cooking as a reason not to finish my curtains.

I popped into the CS, having revamped the sitting room I decided to dress the mantle. I thought of a row of glass containers for flowers, fresh, silk or maybe felt, even crochet!

I found 6 glasses, a book and a pretty pillowcase for £1 the lot. I had looked in a CS in Wisbech and the glasses were 50p each and pillow cases £1 upwards. My local CS is always busy, they have an amazing turnover and get stacks of donations. They have a book sale on this week, 8 for £1 paperbacks I will be rootling through them at some point.

Time for tea now, I feel that I have waffled on long enough.
              TTFN                                     Pam


  1. I need to come and visit your charity shop!! Ours here are very expensive and often the selection is quite poor.

  2. You have a lovely selection of fabric there. a lot of charity shops are so expensive now. I've stopped hoping for a good buy from them because of the prices.

  3. I echo sweet Blondie blue eyes. Ours are expensive and don't have a great selection of stuff in. Shame really

  4. I've seen Russian doll fabrics on Ebay and even have a bag design in a magazine that uses it so I may have to put some on my Mother's Day pressie list. I love the combination of colours in your fabric bundle. Our charity shops are getting to be a joke and I don't even know why I bother going in them sometimes; I just tend to rifle through the racks and inwardly tut-tut at the prices. The best value ones are Barnardos, our local Hospice shop and the Age UK but even those have raised their prices quite a bit lately. Barnardos is good because everything is £1.99 so for some items its good value, especially for clothes its very reasonable compared with £4-5 or more for the same types of garments in other charity shops.

  5. OOoh yes, Pam, you need a bit of light lime green - it goes wonderfully with the cerise, doesn't it, and is in both the triangle and the doll fabric. Delicious!

    I confess to being a Prevaricating Curtain Hemmer. I always say you should hang 'em and leave 'em and no hemming until they have had a wash (or clean) as you don't know how much they will shrink. That is my excuse and it has served me a long time I can tell you!

  6. The Russian doll fabric is lovely, I think a solid green will be a perfect addition to the fabrics you've already got. It sounds like you've found a fab charity shop. The ones here are so expensive, it's cheaper to buy the items new sometimes.


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