Saturday 8 February 2014

I am in the Dunce's corner for sure.

It seems that this is the place for me.

A few weeks ago I was reconciling my bank statement and realised that I had been way overcharged for my mobile phone. I have a contract  with a few months left to run, now that I have finished work I will not renew and just keep it as a pay and go.

I spoke at length to a prepubescent boy young man who, after the third time of listening to me, accepted that I was correct. He very kindly arranged for a refund and told me that it would take up to 7 working days, "fine" said I, "thank you so much" Anyhow a credit note duly arrived and I put it in the appropriate file and forgot about it.
Fast forward to Friday morning, I once again find myself reconciling my statement and what do I see, no credit payment! What is more they had again taken too much. Shock, Horror, Such Surprise NOT. On the telephone I went and spoke to A genius who tried to tell me that I had not been charged for this month ( even though it showed on my statement) and that I was supposed to ring them up and say "Thank you for my credit note, will you please put MY MONEY which you took fraudulently back into my account".
Now things may have changed in the world of money, but a letter telling you that you have been credited with a sum of money used to mean that said sum would appear in your bank account PDQ. Not that you then had to incur the cost of a phone call and beg for it to be returned.
It is allegedly on it's way back to me, I will not hold my breath.

Rant over, it is safe to come out from behind the sofa. I have started playing with my crochet hook and wool, my tension leaves a great deal to be desired but that will come. The wool is rather coarse and the hook is a sticky plasticky stuff, my new set has been dispatched so should be with me soon. Regardless of that I am having fun, I will make 1 each of the 6 squares and then go and buy some decent yarn and see what I can do with that.
I will show and tell when all 6 are completed.

I happened to say, in someones hearing, how funny I found Mrs Brown's Boys. I know that it is rude, crude and verbal slapstick,  but I find it funny. I digress, I have been gifted the first 3 series on dvd by a friend who has watched them until she knows them word for word.
If I can resist I will save them for next month when Francesca is home for a weekend.
We have had a really lovely day so far, bright bright sunshine and a gentle breeze, within the last 10 minutes the wind has picked up and the clouds are gathering. Ben has been out 3 times so far today and I plan 1 more outing before the inevitable happens and it rains.
I was planning on popping into the CS, to drop off those tissue holders and have a rummage but time is ticking away, it may wait till Monday.
Reasons to be grateful.

1. The garden seems to be shedding last nights rainfall quickly.

2. My store of apples is still in very good condition, the late apples are still crisp and juicy.

3. More work is being done in the village shop (rubs hands together in gleeful anticipation)

4. My hair has grown enough that I can get it cut to one length at last.

5. I have another book by David Baldacci to read, thank goodness for the Library.

My neighbour Neville has been suffering with back pain for most of the week, this morning he is not in so much discomfort and is feeling much happier. He was a gardener for many years and before that worked in Horticulture, heavy lifting combined with working outside in all weather has not helped his back at all. I tried to get him to see the doctor for help but nothing doing. He did at least borrow my hot water bottle and some Ibuprofen gel.
Ben is padding around, he is either hungry or bored so I better go and see. I hope that all those on the Coast to the Southwest stay safe, I heard somebody on the Telly talk about a sea surge.

      TTFN                                          Pam


  1. DH is a Mrs Brown fan; I also find it funny but its one of those programmes I can take or leave so only bother watching if someone else has it on. Oh, I hate having to phone up trying to correct a company's mistakes, but my family listen in awe when I do because I always stand my ground when I know I'm in the right. I recently saved us money with Virgin Media when they were going to put our monthly price up. I threatened to go elsewhere since our contract had expired and we were only on a month by month deal. I actually got a reduction on our current deal rather than the increase, effective immediately so they gave me a refund on that month's payment as well. I saved us hundreds of £s last year renegotiating various insurances after checking price comparison sites. I might hate confrontation, but I'll take on anyone to save us money. I hope Neville's back will feel better soon, I'm sure all this wet weather doesn't help with aches and pains, both DH and I have been suffering with our knees lately.

  2. Ahh, phone arguments about statements, I, like Helen find Virgin the best. I once rang them only to be asked if I was ringing up to make a payment, to which I replied that I was ringing up because our broadband wasn't working but when they fixed it I'd gladly pay them! We love Mrs Browns in our house, like you say it can be rude but it isn't meant in a malicious way and it isn't usually violent, just very funny! I think most of us have a bit of Mrs Brown in us some just keep it hidden better than others!

  3. Mrs Brown's Boys - ace. Rude, irreverent, but "such FUN!". And yes, utilities companies these days are just taking the mickey, with their prices, their service - or lack of it, and their attitude. But, like our on-the-make and largely ineffectual politicians, we can seldom do more than jump up and down at intervals and hope to get notice. Crack on with the crochet!

  4. Until recently we could only watch Mrs. Brown's Boys on Utube. Now, the show is on BBC Canada. I think it is so funny, although my husband has a hard time understanding what they are saying most of the time.

  5. I am in good company I see, as much as I like the OTT humour the fact that it is a family show made by a family is a rare thing. Jeannie loves it and Fran and I are hoping to take her to see a show being recorded. Jeannie is a Scot and when she gets excited we all struggle to understand her.


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