Wednesday 5 February 2014

Wednesday in Wisbech

I made a flying trip to Wisbech this morning, My neighbour Nev had to go so I went along for the ride. I picked up the new slow cooker from Argos, I used 2 x £10 vouchers from work and made up the remainder from my Nectar card. Because of the way it works they had to take £7.50 off the card and give me 51p change?! So I interpret that as  "free" cooker and "free" money to boot. Happy smiling face.

Now it is no secret that I can not go into Wisbech without popping into Button Up & Stitch, and here you can see why.

Three lovely people, three generations with a wealth of knowledge.
She doesn't know yet but the one in the middle will be showing me how to crochet if I get into a muddle.
I am booked in for a lesson on foundation paper piecing, I have read tutorials and watched some on you tube but decided to go to the oracle, it is an afternoon out and I thoroughly enjoyed the last 2 that I went to.
Dig those fancy aprons, a pocket for everything, I am going to make one with 2 deep pockets to hold pegs, I hate fishing around in my peg bag, it always slides away just when I need it.

Enjoy this peak at the goodies, it will no longer be there, they are moving, YIPPEE!!
No I have not gone doolally, they are moving next door into bigger premises.

Rats, I have just spotted the Russian Doll print, I may have to call and reserve some.

I did buy some fabric, I will share later, what I am excited about is the iron on wadding that they stock. I read about it on a blog recently and am chuffed to bits that it is readily available. It is a little pricey but no more crawling around pinning what seems like acres of quilt and no more spray cans. I bought enough to do a small quilt and if I get on with it I will be buying a roll.

Dinner tonight will either be soup, I want to use up some veg, or an omelette. I intend to spend the rest of the day in the garden, once I have finished I will not want to cook. The soup will be done in the pressure cooker and will not take much longer than an omelette.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Rain overnight has cleared and the sun is shining bright.

2. My sewing table is clear all but a heap of 1 1/2" strips that I am sorting out for the next quilt to donate.

3. I have some pretty fabrics to drool over.

4. I have pulled fabric for another project and it is cut and boxed ready to go.

5. I am infection free.

Part of my 52 week challenge is to be better organised, as I get near to the finish of a sewing project I start to fret. What shall I make, do I have what I need, and so on. So my ongoing goal is to have something planned, cut and ready in a Ziploc bag or plastic box ready to pick up and start sewing. My only concern is that I do not build a mountain of these, it would be so easy a trap to fall into.

Oh and my test results came back clear, so goodness knows what all that Lab test business was about. But I am drinking Cranberry Juice every day.

It is now 12.20 and time I had a brew and got my btm outside.

I hope you all have as good a day as I am.

                 TTFN                                     Pam


  1. Pam - you will love the fusible! We use it in all our classes as it keeps the backing in place so well - one less thing to worry about. I have been busy quilting up shop samples and charity quilts. Tried to take some pictures of the projects those scraps came from and will try to email them to you. My camera is taking terrible pictures!! but I've tried using the new phone and can't download them - need to talk to a teenager - I really am no techy! The aprons ARE cute - made a little like the ones we wear here in the shop! Great minds ;-)

    1. I look forward to seeing the phioto's, I am hopeless with "techy" things, I would love to have a super duper camera but they are so big and heavy and I could not justify the expense. I am so going to make myself a couple of the aprons, they are as cute as can be. Looking forward to using the wadding.

  2. Well thank you Zara May, I have popped over and had a quick read and will be returning later to stay a while. Look after that Bean, so precious.

  3. How many times have people said you will be bored when you retire?

  4. I lost count quite quickly, too busy to listen.

  5. We nearly moved to the outskirts of Wisbech - probably best that we didn't, between you and I, we could keep that craft shop in business!! lovely fabrics. Send some of your better weather down south please!

    1. I think that our weather has gone on holiday, it started raining yesterday afternoon and has not stopped, it is now 08.13 and it is persisting down.

  6. Oh my goodness, how lovely to have a shop like that! Were have nothing like that. We have a sewing shop which is part of a chain and it's just ridiculously expensive.

    1. They do online sales and delivery is very reasonable. I do not like those big chain shops, they may carry massive stocks but are so impersonal. When I pop into "my" shop I know that if they are not overly busy I will have a chat.

  7. Pam the things you will be able to do once you have foundation piecing under your belt - I know I don't 'piece and patch' any more, but I quite happily sewed difficult patterns I wouldn't have attempted without foundation piecing. It is fiddley but SO darned accurate! And that shop looks great - it wasn't there when I was doing workshops over there - at another shop, about 10 years ago!

    1. The shop is amazing, they have the most desirable fabric range and once moved next door there will be room for more. I am looking forward to the class in April.


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