Monday 10 February 2014

It's Just Another Manic Monday.

Today has been very busy, the sun was shining as bright as it could and filled me with energy so, there has been lots of this.

                                                            Cleaning clip art

Miles and miles of this.

                                               Walking the dog dog graphics

A sneaky bit of this, well I had to have a tea break. (or 3)

                                                            Sewing Machine clip art

I have sewn more strips together, when I did the maths for my 9 patch quilt top I decided to make 3 more blocks, so I have to make 12 more 9 patches. I hope to get that done and start sewing the sashing strips tomorrow. I have gone for bright red, partly because I have plenty in the stash but also because it really makes the patches stand out.

Reason to be grateful.

1. A sparkling house. 

2. A very happy little dog, tired but happy.

3. The smell of Apple Pie, I did a bit of baking as well.( to share with the neighbours)

4. My scrap pile is gradually disappearing.

5. This quilt top will be finished before the weekend.

By the weekend I will have 4 quilt tops ready to layer and quilt, I am thinking of using a fleecy fabric for 2 of them. This would make for a faster finish and a cuddly feel and as they are for children I feel it may be better.
The fine day turned gradually dark and it started to rain around 5.00, the forecast is for more rain over the next 3 days, if this happens I may get to quilting sooner than planned.
I had a trip into Wisbech, just to keep a friend company and push the trolley round Asda, it was not too busy so we were only gone an hour. I was amazed to see people pushing trolleys around piled high with shopping, I know that weekends are truly horrid in the big shops but Monday seems a funny day to do a big shop.

I had no laundry to do today as I took advantage of the sunny weather over the weekend, in light of that and my energy levels the washing machine filter has been emptied, washed and put back. It wasn't blocked but very smelly, I have put it on the calendar to do every 3 months.
I have found a source of white vinegar in bulk, The Jam Jar Company sell it, they are fairly close to Geoff Hamilton's Gardens. I visit there every year so next time I will do a little side trip and buy some vinegar, they also sell wine vinegar so I will price that up as well.

I have Seville Oranges and a big bag of sugar so Marmalade is on the agenda as well as sewing, I could do with a few more jars of mincemeat so a Kitchen day may happen.
I love mincemeat, I mix it with apples and pears for pies and crumbles, it is good under a sponge as well. I make a slice with shortbread and mix it with tinned peaches to make puddings and Ice Cream. All the ingredients are readily available so I just make a batch every now and again.
My bedroom is annoying me at the moment, I want to inject more colour. The walls are "straw boater" posh talk for boring beige, it may be boring but sets the quilts off well so will stay. My curtains are brown, my quilts are quite bright but as one wall is wooden wardrobes the browns have the upper hand, I think that the time is right for new curtains. New to me that is, I have written the measurements down and will be shuffling through the curtains in every CS that I go near. I did spot some at a yard sale last year, not priced and when I asked how much they said £120. Once I had stopped choking I asked if I had heard correctly hoping that it was £20, no it was the first figure. I am certain that they did not sell.
I do intend to use some blackout fabric as interlining, you can get it in white now, so I want light and pretty. I may have to use some of the Laura Ashley material I bought in the closing down sale. I am also considering making a wall hanging, I am thinking reversible so that I do not get bored. My bedside lamps are pale cream so new covers for the shades will also be needed. Just as long as it doesn't cost me much it will all happen, I may have to resort to bartering.
Tonight there will be some crochet in my hands, I do hope my hooks turn up soon, they have been dispatched but it is a long way from Singapore.

Time for a brew I feel then a quick wash up and settle down for the evening.

TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Eeeeh lovey I think after all that activity you deserve a days sewing, just reading it makes me breathless, don't you just love it when you achieve so much in one day :)
    You're on a roll. May I pop by for afternoon tea, Mr B is watching an episode of Master Chef and believe me your baking makes my mouth water far more than what's being baked on there.
    Looking forward to seeing your quilts when finished, did you try out the fusible wadding you bought? I'm very tempted to try it.

    Peg x

    1. I like to be at top speed or sat on my btm, I haven't used the fusible wadding yet, it will be tried out at the weekend, I hope.

    2. Thanks Pam, I look forward to your report on it when you've had the chance to use it. I think it sounds rather good fingers crossed it goes ok/

      Peg x

  2. Hope you don't mind but I did chuckle at your mishap with the meccano! I wish I could quilt. They are lovely x

    1. I can laugh about it now but it was a sore subject for quite a while. It quickly found a new home with a friends boys.

  3. Wow, how busy have you been. I'm washing floors in my sleep now, the mop is standing by the back door so when we let the dogs in we follow them through the house mopping as we go!

    1. I have got Ben to stand still on the mat inside the door till his feet are wiped over, I still have to push the mop round though. It is a never ending game.

  4. It sounds to me like you've had a wonderfully busy day! My husband loves mincemeat but I've never made it. I buy several jars at Thanksgiving, since that's the traditional time for mincemeat pie here. I don't eat it at all so I probably wouldn't know the difference between homemade and the kind I buy but the important part is that he likes it. I like to make jelly and have some berries in the freezer that need to be used soon so I'll be doing that one day next week. Today I have several left over bananas that are going to be transformed into banana bread - I love that it freezes so well. blessings, marlene

    1. I make Banana Bread and add whatever I have to it, dark chocolate chopped up and dried cranberries are good. My shelves are groaning with preserves, I jam and pickle with the produce from my garden. Lemon curd is my favourite, I wish I could grow lemons here, but I don't make it very often.


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