Thursday 20 February 2014

Approved Food Order Has Landed

My AF order arrived safe and sound at 12:45, the driver was very pleasant and offered to carry the box through to my kitchen, very rare!. It was not necessary, I can handle up to 25Kg and this was well under that.

This is not the whole order, I have 20 packs of the Colman's Season & Shake Sticky Ribs. Some will go to Fran and the rest will be used for lots of things. I cook Chicken, sausages, fish and vegetables in this. It leaves no mess in the oven, the tray just needs a wipe over and it is delicious. If I want it a bit stickier I add some brown sugar, honey or Maple Syrup, If Smokey is more to the point I add some smoked paprika. I sometimes add Powdered Garlic, grated Ginger and/or fresh Chilli. The only limit is the contents of my kitchen.

Tonight I will make up half a packet of the Quinoa bake, drag some homemade Lentil Dahl from the freezer and have them with a dollop of Mango Chutney (from my last AF order) with a Chapatti or two. I still have coriander growing in a pot so some of that will go in as well. My dinner will cost around 25p and there will likely be enough left over for a meal tomorrow. Btw the lentils also came from AF ages ago.

I will wrap the Chapattis in pairs and freeze, they are very good heated in a dry frying pan, topped with cooked mushrooms and a sprinkle of grated/crumbled blue cheese and rolled up, 2 with salad is a good meal.

Here is the delivery note, £20. 57 including delivery of £5.25, it would have cost me more than that in petrol and parking to go to Lynn or Cambridge and then I would not have got these bargains.
I intend to have a go at making Mango Chutney with one of the tins of pulp. if it is not successful I will not have wasted much  I will eat it anyway, unless it is disgusting.

I am going to try roasting Chick peas and mushrooms in a Sticky Rib mix, I usually do them with curry powder and cumin seeds, a change is as good as a rest. What about Butternut squash and Sweet Potato, that could well happen at the weekend, with a couple of chicken wings and some peppers and celery thrown in it would be dinner in a bag.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My purse is feeling healthy.

2. My cupboards are full of good things to eat.

3. The sun is shining in a clear blue sky.

4. I have a delicious dinner for pennies.

5. And Christmas Pudding for afters.

I was very abstemious and only ordered 4 Christmas Puddings from AF, I did hover over zero but thought that 40 may have been ever so slightly OTT.......
I will cook a pudding and have a slice then the remainder will go into a pie crust with a slather of plum jelly, to keep it moist, and be shared with my neighbours. If I don't I will eat the lot, Miss Piggy has nothing on me.
On that greedy note I am off to the kitchen to start dinner and gloat over my goodies.
                 TTFN                                          Pam


  1. Mmmm I love Christmas Pudding at other times of the year!

    1. I tried it tonight and have just ordered some more. It was very good.

  2. 40 Christmas puds is more than a little OTT. You have lots of lovely bargains there, I also like the idea of roasting chickpeas.

  3. I 'fess up to ordering another 10, but they are for sharing. Roasted chickpeas are great, all I do is toss them in a little oil, curry powder, cumin seeds and some salt and pepper. Spread out on a shallow tray and roast for 10-15 minutes. I like them with some chopped mushrooms and peppers mixed in as well. They are pretty good cold as well.

  4. I can eat Christmas pudding at any time of the year and do, we buy the large ones from Lydl cook them them, portion them, small portions because it's quite rich. I wrap each piece in greaseproof paper followed by bacofoil the pop them into bags of 10. They don't stick together so it's easy to take out the amount you want to use. After thawing I warm them in the oven in their wrapping and serve with either white sauce or custard mmmmm.
    Mr B likes Chippata's I don't but your serving suggestion sounds like one he'd love to try so thank you for the recipe. :)

    Peg x

  5. I love Christmas pudding- but not sure I could eat 40! lol. Approved foods are fab aren't they. Psst you won my giveaway! please contact me on and I will get it sent out to you ASAP

  6. Hi - my last but one order also came through Citilink, with the whole day delivery slot, which I wasn't pleased about, but then the last one came via DPD with the one hour slot, which is much more convenient to organise! Someone told me that the delivery may vary according to what you have ordered, and I seem to think it is something to do with jars and breakables - looking up at your order, I wonder if anything came in a jar?


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