Saturday 1 March 2014

A Wander Round the Cottage, and a plan of action.

Oh My it is early, The thing about being in Wales for me is that I fall into bed and sleep like a bump on a log for up to 5 hours. All that wonderful air and ozone, not to mention the fact that I just have to get outside and walk. Then my eyes spring open and I hit the ground running, this morning I woke at 5 on the dot. Tea, tea and just a drop more tea, a little blog browsing, and signing up to follow 2 new blogs, a recipe or 2 to bookmark and oops 2 1/2 hours have evaporated.

I promised ( threatened ) more house pics, here are a few.

This is the ground floor bedroom, I am in here. It seemed the sensible choice as the bathroom is also ground floor. Note the chocolate is for James, Oh yes, while I remember I popped into Tesco for a few bits last night and they have Easter eggs 2 for £1.50 so I picked up 4 to leave with James and Cerys. Last year I bought them at home and forgot them when I came down in May so they didn't get them till August, tut tut. This year they will have them early.

The dog leg staircase, very similar to mine.

Three bedrooms upstairs, the single is fairly small but perfectly fine for a holiday. The attention to detail is perfectly lovely and everything is good quality.
Before I forget my bed is electrically controlled so at the touch of a button I am sitting up at a perfect angle to read or crochet! Not that I will be sitting in bed today.

That is enough for today. I was pleased to see that work on the Castle is moving on, there are some tours today but very restricted, I will wait until next time. There will be some holiday  accommodation  when the project is finished, how cool to holiday in a restored Castle.
I am feeding the family today so I better get a wiggle on and start prepping up.

Reasons to be grateful.

1 The morning is bright and fine.

2. The day will be full of family.

3. I have a pretty village to explore with Ben.
( still snoring btw)

4. I am going to look at wool this morning.

5. There will be some CS visiting.

I feel another list coming on.
I have a good day lined up, 
1. Prep lunch.
2. Go to Cardigan.
3. Trip to the wool shop.
4. Pop into the CS.
5. Bring the family back here.
6. Fill the day with talk and fun and food.

 Tomorrow is still in the air. Cerys has to work , she does 2 jobs, so I will see how the children are and plan a day for them, possibly the ball park.

Every hour that ticks by sees me relaxing into the slower pace of life. My body and soul are tuning into Wales, I really will start the moving process once Fran qualifies.

Have a good day my friends, take time to smell the coffee ( well it's too early for roses).

                    TTFN                                                  Pam


  1. Hello Pam, just bimbling through the blogs. Yours is lovely, easy reading, nice pics. I'll be back. xxx

    1. I admit that I like a good rootle round blog land. I do read you closely and love your illustrated walks.

  2. Replies
    1. It really is a lovely little cottage.

  3. It looks lovely too :-)
    Enjoy a well earned break!

  4. My husband and I came to Great Britain for a few weeks in 1990 and have been longing to return-Wales is definitely a place we want visit if we ever get to come back!

    1. I love it from the flat South to the mountainous North. I do like the West above all, possibly because the family is here. The little market towns are wonderful in their diversity and the people are so friendly, I did met a rude man today but he was English.

  5. I can see you are Welsh at heart. I am 50% Welsh as my maternal family are all Welsh and I was brought up on the Wirral so Wales,was my playground. Lots of lovely bike rides down the Wirrral and out to the North Wales coast. Can't beat it. Enjoy your holiday.

  6. Replies
    1. I don't know about posh, it is really comfy.

  7. Looks like a very nice place you are staying at. I can see you are really looking forward to your move to Wales. How long will it take Fran to qualify?

    1. She sits the New York Bar in July and then she will be full on qualified, 3 years Uni, 1 year LPC, 2 years experience in a business law practice and WOOPEE! Lots of hard work and all the "gofer" stuff will have helped her on the way.


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