Thursday 13 March 2014

Wednesday Dinner and Thursday Delights

I have been very busy in the garden, but am still managing to cook. I tried the AF mix as onion bhajis and it was very successful, I added a sliced red onion to the dry mix and then added enough water to make a fairly slack mix and then fried them in shallow oil.

They were very crispy on the outside and meltingly soft on the inside. They went down well with some Lamb Madras, Pilau Rice and Chapattis. I had intended to make Naan but had some Chapattis to use up.

I did manage another Bhaji and a Chapatti, then collapsed in a stuffed heap till I took Ben out.

We went round the field this afternoon and I just had to take a few photos.

The tight pink buds become pristine white flowers.

Damsons to be.

I just loved these tight gnarly clusters.

A Baby fir cone.

Next crop of  Bramleys.

Reasons to be Grateful.

1. 2 days in my garden, in the sunshine, free gymn.

2. 3 bags of compost delivered today.

3. Blossom billowing against an Azure sky.

4. The smell of bread baking in my oven.

5. Ben and Greg galloping around, happy to be alive.

I have spent part of the last 2 days working in my garden, this morning I heard a Woodpecker, he was busy tapping round one of the trees in the next field. There are a group of Rooks in the area and after an hour or so they returned and their numbers and the awful noise made him leave, fingers crossed that he will be back. There is plenty of room and he was nowhere near the Rookery.

Tomorrow I plan to spend in the garden again, this time I will be topping up my planters with fresh compost and what I rake out will go on the newly forked beds.

I have dug out some of the Autumn Bliss Raspberries, I had let them spread their runners out so I now have a row of "new"canes and the old ones are gone. They are greedy plants so I will leave the ground fallow with a thick mulch from my compost makers.

I am off to have a soak under the shower before dinner.

    TTFN                             Pam


  1. I reckon that Bramley is about 3 or even 4 weeks ahead of ours - no sign . The rooks are starting to build their nests on the pylons again. Noisy things.
    I copied the ingredients on a pack of AF bhajis and now make our own, not quite the same but good.

    1. The Bramley tree is one of three the others are not showing any sign of blooming yet. I usually make my own Bhjajis I just tried it as a way of using up the Felafel mix.

  2. Your curry looks amazing, I bet your homemade bhajis taste better than the supermarket ones we ate on tuesday night....they were horrid! Nothing showing at all on our apple tree as yet.

    1. The curry was very good, I have never had a supermarket bhaji. I have tried the Nan Bread and didn't like them.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, there was just so much blossom that had opened fully in 3 days.

  4. It's just lovely, isn't it, to see all these signs of life, an indication that, after our terrible winter, Spring is here. Your curry dinner lookes lovely.

  5. Yes, our rooks are driving me to distraction! I love your photo of the Bramley apple tee - it reminds me of that William Morris painting! And the bhagis - mmmmmm!


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