Saturday 8 March 2014

Future Plans and Food, of course.

A warm welcome to 2 new followers, Carol on Google +, I tried to leave a message I know nothing about circles, how to make one or add people to it, and Bramble Rambles, your photos of Shanghai are stunning and that chocolate cake totally droolworthy. Very tempting but I have given up chocolate for Lent.
On the subject of cake I saw Mary Berry making afternoon tea on the telly this morning.
 I 'fess up to being in full on idle mode today, mind you there are 2 loads of washing on the whirlygig, I have vacuumed through and Ben has been out for a run.
I was side tracked there, I liked the look of all that Mary made but would not make sandwiches overnight. Not even if the great Escoffier came back and gave me the all clear. Not even if  James Martin gave me the go ahead, and that's saying a lot.
 Mind you he has stacked on the weight again after being on Strictly. All that cream and butter!!
 I must not buy the book, I must not buy the book repeat 500 times.
As for Books, my copy of A Girl called Jack has been read from cover to cover and I have lined up Felafels for Saturday, with salad, natural yogurt with paprika dressing all stuffed into some of the AF chapattis. Sunday I am roasting Lamb, RTC of course on top of being a half price offer. That will stretch to curry (AF Madras Kit) on Tuesday and Minted Lamb Pie for the freezer and a pot of soup also for the freezer, my £5 joint will make several meals and Ben will have the bones. I will try one of the spicy bean recipes for Monday and the Salmon Pasta on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday will be decided later.

Now for something exciting.

This is Applemint Cottage, I have booked it for my next holiday. The cottage is on a farm in Drefach Felindre, 3 miles from Newcastle Emlyn, so it is slap bang in the middle of my favourite area. I will have 22 miles of footpaths to walk Ben along, his legs may well be worn down to Dachshund height when we return ;-)
I may have to start marking the days off on my calendar.

Today dawned grey and dismal but by 10:30 the sun was shining and there is a nice breeze so the washing was billowing and swirling round. 
Ben is much better and charging around when outside, indoors however he is on his bed and snoozing, he just made me a liar by sitting up, having a stretch and mooching off.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. My spare bedroom/sewing room now has an extra double socket in the place of a single, thanks to Michael.

2. My underfloor heating is off now till next winter. small power bills again. woohoo

3. The garden will be dry enough for me to start work on Monday.

4. I am going to get a kitchen revamp, thanks to Michael, again.

5. The village shop is thriving, new lines are being added weekly and some of the prices are cheaper than the Co op.

The shop also has a weekly grocery box raffle, any profits are going to local good causes, last week it was the village Hall fund and this week it is the Friendship Club. I will buy a ticket every week as I think that it is a good idea.
 I bought a copy of Simply Crochet magazine this week, it has a supplement with a pattern from Bunny Mummy and there is a regular article from Attic 24, I am considering taking out a subscription.

That is all that I can think of now, oh yes, dinner tonight is soup from the batch I made earlier in the week, I will probably add some beans rather than defrosting bread. I will take a tip from Jack's book and rinse the sauce off some very cheap baked beans., and I have a bit of Parmesan Rind to drop in while it reheats, I will chop it small so that it melts down. Yum.

                 TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Pam have you seen the offer for Simply Crochet on Bunny Mummys last post? 1st three issues for £1, if I don't win the give away I'm going to sign up. The sun didn't start coming out here until about 2pm, I think it's going back behind a cloud now, good luck in the garden.

  2. Hello Pam, Lovely to meet you. My edge of nowhere is south of Louth, not far from Alford and more or less on the very edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds. We are having a soup and home made bread night, the soup was made with last autumn's veg harvest, then frozen....wish I had a parmesan rind to drop in! The day turned out lovely here, a bit windy, but it dried the washing a treat. Elaine

  3. I love your blog, just browsing leaves me calm and relaxed, thank you x

  4. The cottage looks lovely. I would be counting down the days too x

  5. Hi Pam, I also dont know about those circles? The Cottage looks beautiful! really love your blog! Regards Carol, from a very hot Adelaide!

  6. HI Pam, thanks for your comment on my old blog Dirt..... You can see my posts now at Zana's Homemade, that cottage looks lovely! Shaz

  7. Many thanks for the help re AF bread mix. I am tempted to get the magazine offer.

  8. Your holiday cottage-to-be looks wonderful, Pam and I am sure the surroundings are beautiful as well, you know how I love Wales too!

    Soup- always a good choice in this house too.And hey, we have had some lovely weather this weekend, why shouldn't you be in lazy mode! Lx


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