Sunday 16 March 2014

Far From the Madding Crowd

It's been ages, at least it feels as though it has. I have been busy in the garden.
 Raised beds have been cleared and had compost from my bins dug in.
 Frames have been repaired and strengthened.
 3 unwanted rogue trees have been removed.
Rhubarb has been gathered and poached in orange juice.
Blackberries have been tidied up, ouch.
The ash from my incinerator has been added to the soil.
Planters have been overhauled and fresh compost added.
Seeds have been sown.
Potatoes are chitting.
The Woodpecker is still here and there is another in the village.
Crochet has happened in small bursts.
Cooking and eating has taken place.
Laundry washed, dried, ironed and put away within the space of 4 hours.
 I am loving it, up in time to wake the dawn chorus, out with Ben at first light and planning my day over an early morning brew.
What hasn't happened is blogging, I have kept up with reading and managed a few comments.

To my shame I had never checked for followers on Bloglovin. I humbly apologize to the 64 of you. I put the button up ages ago and then forgot about it. It was only reading the counts on other blogs  over the last few days that jogged me into action.
I promise to check in every now and again.

I have a new copy of Knitting & Crochet and have started making Granny Squares with flower middles.

These will become a blanket for Kaitlin, I have 36 squares without flowers and will make 36 with.

There are several toys in this copy that I intend to make. There is a copy from a few months ago with a pattern for Bramble Bunny. I would love to find one as kaitlin loves Bunnies. I have found one on Ebay but there are several days to go before the auction finishes.
 It is available as a free download, I tried to print it but my printer is sulking and does not want to play.
If one of you has this and would like to sell it, let me know please.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Glorious weather.

2. Ben is running round with Greg like a puppy.

3. The garden is steadily emerging from the" year of the swamp".

4. I am steaming ahead with my crochet.

5. The herb containers are looking lush with new growth.

I have started to crochet a shawl, I am thinking towards the future chilly winters in Wales.

As you can see I am just over halfway round the latest round, I am not sure how big this will become but I would guess double the size that it is now.

Decorating is also underway, the bathroom has had a face lift and will be finished tomorrow.
Thanks to Michael, who has taken time off to work his way through the cottage, it should be done and dusted by the time the garden is done.

This brings me to some news.

I have decided that as soon as the work is complete I will put it on the market. I have spotted a few interesting properties within 15 minutes of Cardigan in my projected price range. The thought of summer in Wales is driving me on.
Francesca and James think that it is the right thing to do and Michael is a good supporting act.
It is now 20:30 and I need a brew.

              TTFN                                         Pam        

There was something else.........................................Oh I know one of my bloggers who took time off last year has started up again, Diane, she can be found at bella9studio.

There was another thing but it has melted away like an ice cube in the Sahara.
Oops, I remember, The title, why not, it makes about as much sense as my ramblings. I did love the book and the film.


  1. Your crochet is wonderful, are you sure you are a beginner :-) love the shawl, it will keep you toasty warm in the winter. There are lots of jobs yo do in the garden at this time of year, i have promised myself as soon as all the spring cleaning is done I will be out there getting on with it. Your move to Wales sounds exciting, I'm pleased Michael is supporting you and giving a helping hand. Sorry cant help with the magazine, have you searched Ravelry for free patterns? X

    1. I am most certainly a beginner, if you have a look at Bunny Mummy or Attic 24 you will see the most amazing crochet. My spring cleaning is being done with the decorating, and not by me :D. I have looked on Ravelry but am fixated on this pattern.

  2. Hi Pam it sounds like you have been a busy bee in the garden. x

    1. I am that worker Bee, no doubt about it, but I love it.

  3. Hi Pam, I love your crocheted shawl, very beautiful! I would so love to make a Granny Rug! I have never learned to crochet!

    1. Have a look at Attic 24, there are several magazines out and most of them have a section showing how to hold the hook and wool and how to make the stitches. That's what I did, and I watched some U tube videos.

  4. Loved reading your update. You have been very busy. Good luck with the house move.

  5. Glad to have you on board, I admit to love being busy, I find it impossible to sit still for more than 20 minutes unless I have something to do in my hands.

  6. You've been so busy. It's amazing what you can achieve when you have a little break from blogging, it does eat away at your time, doesn't it? I love the shawl, that will keep you nice and warm on the chilly evenings.

    1. I have put the shawl on hold at the moment to finish the flower granny squares. It isn't writing the blog that eats up my time it is all the stops and wanders I embark on when I read through my blog list. When I see an interesting comment from a blogger I pop over to have a look and Ooops 20 minutes have gone.


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