Saturday 22 March 2014

Buyer Beware or Open your Eyes before your Purse.

Have any of you seen Angela Rippon & co on BBC 2 morning TV,  I caught the tail end of Monday's program and promptly put the rest onto record. I have to say that I thought that only the very gullible would fall foul of most of what they were portraying, allow me a moment to eat my words.

I was in a shop this morning and spotted one of the yogurt varieties that I buy when I am feeling flush or/and foolish.  There was a big glossy sign in day glow colours promoting packs of 8 pots 2 for £6 a saving of 90p. Not bad if you buy a lot of yogurt, a shopper next to me pointed it out and proceeded to put 4 packs into her trolley. I scanned the shelves and spotted the same brand in packs of 4 for £1, my maths may not be brilliant but the big packs on special offer work out at £1.50 for 4 pots, I pointed this out to the other shopper who was outraged and removed said large packs from her trolley. 
Rip Off, Misleading or poor signage, there was nothing to point out the low price on the 4 packs?

I went to the library and returned my books and while there picked up a copy of this.

This is full of articles and adverts for Lincolnshire, mainly food related. The photo on the front is for a recipe featuring onions and there is an article about a large scale onion producer. Part way through reading I found something mildly disturbing. They grow many varieties of shallots, garlic and stock onions, they also grow a speciality pickling onion with a flat bottom. These picklers are harvested, dried and shipped to POLAND to be hand peeled before coming back to be pickled. This is allegedly due to labour costs. A few thoughts spring to mind,

1. Are the Polish workers being exploited.
2. Considering how many Polish workers are in Britain, I am surprised that there are enough left to do the work.
3. Would the British shopper be happy to buy them if they knew the details.
4. Given that transport costs are often quoted as a reason for price hikes how can this be cost effective.
5. I am so glad that I pickle my own onions.

Rip Off, Misleading? I have no idea if the labels state that the contents were shipped hundreds of miles to be prepared but would hazard a guess not. Are we entitled to have that information, I think Yes. Food miles is a topic that seems to be constantly in the media, we are actively encouraged to Buy British and full details should be on packaging allowing the consumer to decide whether or not to support such practices.

Off the soap box now.
I have sown more seeds this morning, 2 Basils, some more Coriander, Chives and Parsley. I took an executive decision to work inside as although the sun is shining the wind is straight from the Arctic from the feel of it.
I have just used the last of my outside Coriander so hope this mornings sowing will replace it, my indoor pot is carrying on well but will have to be replaced for the autumn.I have dragged my French Tarragon out from under it's winter hiding place and hope that it starts to shoot soon, I love chicken with tarragon. I need to replace my Sage, it is very woody and will soon be a large shrub, I will move the big pot into a corner as the bees love the flowers.

Reasons to be grateful

1. My garden, a joy to be in if not to behold at the moment.

2. The pots of future food that are steadily being filled.

3. My crochet shawl, almost finished.

4. Michael's hard work with scraper and paintbrush.

5. Ben, the best head Gardener and Foreman in the world.

 I told you about the back copy of Knitting and Crochet magazine that I was searching for, well I won the copy on E bay and it is now sitting in front of me waiting to be skimmed through. As soon as my shawl is done I will be making the Bunny and clothes for Kaitlin and then a minion hat for Junior. I didn't get any books from the library this morning, I realised that I would not have time to take them out of the bag, never mind read them.

The wind is brisk and cold so I will be snuggled under my shawl while I finish it off, 3 more rows to go, then I may have to find a throw for my lap while I start knitting.

Bacon and eggs with Bubble and Squeak tonight, I purposely cooked too much veg yesterday with that in mind.
As part of my eat it up campaign I have taken a Duck Crown out of the freezer for tomorrow and will pick some sage leaves to make a stuffing mix with a red onion and wholemeal breadcrumbs.
I have scarcely made an impression on the freezers so far and it has been 2 weeks since I started.

I think that I have waffled on enough.

                TTFN                                 Pam


  1. I watched aprogramme a while back with the same thing - I think it was something like prawns going somewhere to be peeled and then coming back again - Maybe not prawns? I can't remember, wish I hadn't started writing this now!
    We have the same freezing wind down here in Suffolk. LOOKS lovely though as long as you are indoors

    1. It was prawns, I caught some of that as well, the wind and cold has not abated at all. I heard the weather report on Norfolk radio this morning and they mentioned THE WHITE STUFF.

  2. We always check the deals thoroughly Pam. In many cases people just believe that bigger packs = better value but it isnt always the case.
    I have been out in the garden today before the rain came down. Its lovely to get out there again. Have a good weekend.

    1. I never shop without a calculator and both my eyes wide open. We haven't had rain but the wind is very cold.

  3. Supermarket shopping has done wonders for my mental arithmetic. I am constantly checking labels, costs and the price tags, doing the calculations - and checking further along the shelves for better price deals. No wonder I find it all so exhausting.

    We managed to fit in half an hour of dog walking on Mablethorpe beach this morning - cold, but lovely.

    1. I have never taken Ben to the beach, he loves the water and I couldn't stand him whimpering to get in the sea.

  4. I can read your waffles for ages!!
    I'm always reading and checking every label, weight, sign on everything I buy these days. The HG moans it takes me ages to shop!

    1. I have to check, it has become a compulsion. I keep a note of price per 100g or whatever and buy the best value.

  5. That's disgusting, all that way and back. Joke! Am going to pickle my own too, it's just the peeling that's not great fun. X

  6. If you put the onions in a washing up bowl and pour a kettle of hot water over them and let them soak for a couple of minutes, then strain and cool down with cold water they will peel a lot easier.

  7. You are most welcome, I can not remember who told me but it has saved me crying for many years now.


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