Monday 3 March 2014

Home again, home again, Jiggetty Jig

It is lovely to be home, don't get me wrong the holiday cottage was very comfy, clean and warm and very well equipped. I would have been more than happy to stay for the rest of the week and maybe another but, there's always a but, when it is time to come home I am ready to go. When I leave my cottage I clean right through, change the bed, wash the hard floors, clean all the glass etc, so that when I come home it is shining for me, I unpack and start living my life. I did all my laundry Sunday evening, just my robe to throw in the next wash.
I had a stack of goodies from the postie to greet me, my lovely neighbours took them in for me.

Some new crafting supplies.

These will become a shawl or a blanket, I still have to unpack my mind so that I can make it up. I will have to find some deeper colours to add contrast. There are 2 balls of Turquoise, one of my "go to" colours.

A ruler to make trimming HST a piece of cake.

A ruler to help with that perfect 1/4" seam.

Some reading material.

This has been on order for absolutely ages.

The wonderful book that I won, love it, love it.

Last but not least, my copy of Love Patchwork & Quilting, 
 with some freebie Quilt Labels. There won't be much crafting done tonight.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. The drive back was just over 5 hours, via Cardiff because of the roadworks on the coast road to Aber.

2. After a little rain the sun shone all the way.

3. I used £40 of petrol, foot down on the motorway.

4. Ben slept most of the way, he sat up when we reached Peterborough.

5. We got back in time to join Nev and Greg for the afternoon run round the field.

I have changed my plan to return to the cottage in September, Whilst walking Ben on Sunday evening a dog burst through a garden hedge and did it,s utmost to bite Ben, I had to scoop him up and hold him at head level. The owner, his wife and 2 teenagers were all shouting at the dog to come back. I own up to Kicking the dog, a first for me, and using some very choice language at the owner.
I will not run the risk of a second encounter and Ben was most reluctant to leave the garden for his walk this morning. I will update you when a decision has been made.

I am now in dire need of tea, and lots of it,  so it is off to the kitchen for me.

     TTFN                                                              Pam


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, Ben was reluctant to go out of the cottage garden Monday morning but is fine now that he is back home. We both slept like logs for 9 hours last night.

  2. I am glad that Ben is ok. Sounds like the owners deserved a kick also! Perhaps they are just vacationing as well and won't be there if you want to return in September.

    1. The people live there and were very far from being sorry. Yes perhaps they do deserve a kick.

  3. Welcome home, I hope Ben recovers from his shock poor thing!

    1. Thank you , Ben seems on top form now.

  4. Just catching up with blogs - life has been hectic! Those books look very tempting - I have been reading Jacks blog posts and wondering whether to buy the book to increase her royalties!!! I really do not need another cookery book ........ !

    1. Well that is really why I bought the book, and no I don't need another book. I have had a look through and there are some recipes that I am going to cook this week.

  5. What an unpleasant end to a lovely weekend, why should you forgo having a holiday in a cottage you evidently loved because of selfish neighbours. Personally I would contact the owner of the cottage, be honest with them say you're having misgivings about returning due to the aggressive neighbours dog relay what happened to them. You may find at the risk of losing customers they may do something.
    I hope Ben hasn't any lasting trauma from the encounter.

    Peg x

    1. Ooops I meant to say the neighbours aggressive dog!

    2. You were right the first time Peg, I have spoken to the owners and explained the situation. She was very nice and actually gave me a name to contact for a smaller place not far away in September and it is booked.

  6. What an awful experience for Ben, something like that can really shock a dog. Glad to see that you received the book, I hope you enjoy it.

    1. The book is delightful and it will be put to good use, I am looking at all the blossom and almost counting up the jars and bottles that will be filled. Ben slept a great deal more than normal but he has had 2 runs out with Greg since we landed home and seems much more relaxed.

  7. Such a shame your weekend ended in that way x loving the colours of that wool x


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