Friday 21 March 2014

Digging for the future, and some sowing on the side.

Another glorious day, I have spent most of it outside. Four rows of potatoes planted, Rocket and Nadine, and 8 pots of each variety in the big glasshouse for extra earlies. I do like new potatoes but will not pay through the nose for 5 day old ones. My Granddad used to say that new potatoes should go from garden fork to table fork in 30 minutes.
I have sown some purple sprouting Broccoli to enjoy next year, leeks will go in tomorrow. A tray of cut and come again lettuce will be sewn every 2 weeks, the first one is done, and I sprinkled some radish seeds in between the  rows of potatoes. I am buying my tomato plants this year as I have left it rather late to grow my own, I will be sowing a lot of sweetcorn though and French Beans. I grow the things that I like that are expensive to buy. When I had over an acre I grew nearly every veg that we ate, but in those days I was supplying most of the family.

I still haven't made my cakes, too busy outside. I may bake tomorrow as the weather report is a bit iffy.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A good days work done.

2. The garden is alive with golden and white frilly daffodils dancing in the breeze.

3. The scented varieties are now flowering and wafting their perfume around.

4. The buds are just at bursting point on the Howgate Wonder Apple tree.

5. My Peach tree is showing lots of blossom.

I am not going to hand pollinate as the tree was buzzing with insects earlier, I envisage several spells of fruit thinning though. It is heartbreaking but as with the apples and pears if I do not thin I will have buckets of marble sized fruits.
I have just realised that I had no photos so popped out and snapped a few, the light is not wonderful so I will take some more another day.

The Peach Tree.

One of the pear trees, Beth, just opening her leaves

One side of the "Daffodil Walk", there was a grape vine growing over the arches but the storms took it down along with all but 2 arches and they are coming out soon.

Some of my White Daffs, I see that there is a nettle  trying to take over, I will deal with that tomorrow, there is an Aquilegia just the other side, that will stay.

That is all for now, the kitchen is calling, fish pie tonight with carrots, cauliflower and cabbage.

      TTFN                                                                Pam


  1. You have got a lot done. It's been a really sunny day here, too.
    Love from Mum

  2. I love being outside, I can potter in the garden from morning till it is too dark to see, as long as I have a good supply of tea.

  3. Lovely pictures Pam and well done on getting started with lots of jobs in the garden, I just keep looking at ours and thinking...tomorrow....:-)

    1. I would rather be in the garden than doing housework.

  4. Love your photos! And what a great day outside you have had! Makes you feel happy with yourself! I wish I had a garden! Sadly I can only grow my veg and herbs in pots! Thank you for sharing!

    1. I grow quite a lot in pots, I have a large slabbed area from when I had 3 spaniels and now fill it with containers of herbs, salads and flowers.

  5. I long for the Easter holidays so I too can get cracking. This year due to renovations I've NO seeds starting BUT have a lovely voucher for Homebase so will spend it on starter plants. I've beetroot seeds and radish that will go straight in mind! Can't wait. Won't happen today, it's FILTHY weather out there. Brrrrrr

    1. Yesterday was lovely here but today is definitely "brass monkey" weather.


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