Monday 24 March 2014

Hanging on from last year.

I will be cooking later so thought, something with apples will hit the spot and fill the oven. 

I brought these in from my shed, I put them in store  last autumn, they are still in fairly good condition and I still have 3 more trays tucked away. Then there are quite a lot sliced and frozen and about 20 jars in the cupboard. I may have gone overboard but they are free.

In the field this afternoon I took this snap.

Ornamental crab apples from last year with the new leaves unfolding.  Tenacious things apples. 

There are 3 of these trees soaring into the sky, fully clothed with snowy white blossom.

I have been in the garden most of the day, the big glasshouse is all ready to be filled with cucumbers, tomatoes and peppers both hot and sweet.

I have been in the wild garden thinning it out and removing a lot of dead plant material, I like it wild but under control.

I have a large pile of stuff to burn so the incinerator will see some action later. The ash will benefit the soil once it has cooled.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A good days work done and dusted.

2. Laundry whirling round in the sunshine.

3. Ben watching intently, making sure that I don't slack.

4. The black cat that sat on the wall watching was very friendly, I hope it's a lucky one.

5. The spare bedroom/craft room is decorated now and ready for me to fill it up again.

I have worked quite hard today, it was hot work cutting away and then moving all the debris over to the burning ground. Much of it had to be cut down to a suitable size and I was in  full sunshine, lovely but sweaty.

The garden was not as bad as I feared, there was quite a bit of tall growth that needed thinning out, and the fruit bushes needed some crossing and dead wood sorting. Once that was dealt with there was very little at surface level. I assume that it was all drowned last year.

I have to bake tonight, there isn't a single morsel of cake in the house or freezer and I have Fran here for the weekend. I will make a selection of cup cakes and freeze them wrapped singly, 1 minute in the ding oven and warm cake.

Jacket potato tonight, I will scoop the flesh out, mix in some sizzled bacon and onion with a handful of grated or cubed cheese, pile it back in the shells and bake off for 15 minutes. They will be great with a pile of salad. Some sort of apple pudding with AF custard should finish it off nicely.

TTFN                                                        Pam.

I see that I am creeping/galloping towards 300 posts, I feel a giveaway coming on.


  1. There's something satisfying about getting out in the garden and getting sorted ready for the new growing season. It makes summer feel a little nearer at least :)

  2. Blimey those apples have done well, it must be the perfect conditions in your shed, i still have plenty left in the freezer.

    I went down to the greenhouse yesterday and got attacked by cobwebs, it needs a good scoff out with the hosepipe.

    Enjoy your baking. Gill has posted a couple of simple cake recipes, Im itching to try! My weekend baking is mostly tucked away in the freezer portioned up ready for those " sweet moments".
    Karen x

  3. hello pam , i bought my apple trees with me when i moved house , i cant wit for them to produce again , it will be next year or the year after though as i had to cut them right back to transport in the van for the move , i hopefully be able to store then like you then xxx

  4. Lovely apples, mine gave all been eaten, we have just swapped from email to bloglovin.


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