Tuesday 4 March 2014

Cooking and Crochet and a new Smile

A warm welcome to some new followers, thrift deluxe and annras80610, I will be clicking on you later to see if you blog, and Hettie Brown who writes a lovely blog and has an amazing way with crafty stuff oh and some awesome red boots.
I slept for 9 hours last night with Ben tucked in at my side, we both woke refreshed and hit the ground running. One quick cup of mint tea and we were off for our first walk of the day.
There was a slight hiccup at the village shop, no power. By the time we were on our way back  there were  2 men sorting it all out.

I did some sorting out, putting the last things away, changing the flowers etc I did clean the windows in and out and it didn't rain :-)

I realised that it was Shrove Tuesday and pulled some chilli out of the freezer, pancakes made, filled with chilli and rolled up, into a baking dish and smothered with chilli cheese sauce, 20 minutes in the oven and dinner for 2 greedy peeps or for 3. This was dinner for 2 with salad and leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

It was just as good as it looks and I will not be waiting a year to have it again.

I realised that I never did show you my crochet scarf, well here it is .

I love it and I want a hat now, I am going to be looking round the blogs in search of one. Attica 24 made herself a hat so I will read that post again, I think she mentioned a tutorial, I live in hope.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. Ben seems completely back to normal.

2. The weather has been absolutely glorious.

3. The daffodils in my cutting garden are starting to flower.

4. The trees around the village are full of blossom.

5. Marina, my neighbour, is looking very well.

Marina had a car accident a few days ago and wrote her car off. She drove into a water filled pothole and went into a tree. Luckily she was only bruised and shaken, in her words she felt like an olive in a martini! She has another car and is buzzing about again.

I plan a lazy evening, there is a film on the sky box, How to make an American Quilt, and I have some crochet to do. I may have a little chocolate. Tomorrow is the first day of Lent so that will be the last chocolate for 40 days. 
I may give something else up as well, I never drink alcohol during Lent so I will have to think hard before the morning.

I found a new blog to follow,  thanks to frugal in Bucks, Mandy and her smile, she has had a rough ride from some critics and could do with a vote of confidence, pop over for a visit and say hello.

The blog title is My Thrifty Homemade Challenge. I am a nit wit.

I do not understand these people who read a blog, do not like it but keep on reading and leaving nasty comments. As far as I am concerned this is my blog and I write it as I see fit. I get new followers and I lose some, it happens. You can not please all the people all the time. People change, their interests change, I have dropped some blogs and taken up others, now that I can crochet I am following some that feature crochet. Some I follow because they are quirky, some because they echo my ways, some because they are so different to my ways. 

Anyway I need a brew and to get Ben out for a quick walk first. Then it will be feet up, wool out and film on.

I hope you all enjoyed your pancakes.

            TTFN                                                      Pam


  1. I was sorry to hear about Ben, what a shame on your break. Glad he is back to normal now. The pancakes look really yummy. None for us here as I have been at work all day. Thanks so much for the mention for Mandy. Some people are nasty aren't they? I try to think of all the nice people I know when I hear things like that. You are good to walk Ben so much. I walk a little terrier for a woman who just will not walk him. It's such a shame as he only gets out when I am off, maybe once or twice a week sometimes much less. He is so fat and he's only four. It makes me mad but I worry that if I really have a go at her she will stop me walking him. She is massively overweight and says she can't walk but I have told her to take him to the common in her car and let him out for a run, she just won't! I'm telling you all this for a bit of advice as you're good with sensible ideas and obviously a dog lover. Any advice?

  2. There is very little that you can do in a situation like this, if she does not care about her own health she will hardly worry about her dog. You can not take him on full time. is there any way that you could make him part of your get fit campaign, maybe a walk more often or is there someone else who could help out. If you are very concerned you could contact a local vet, maybe you could get her to tell you what vet she uses.

    1. Thanks Pam. Yes I have been to the vet with her and him. The vet says he is 50% overweight but then laughed and said its ok to give your dog treats. I could have slapped her! She doesn't live near me and its a 15 min drive to get him then we bring him back here to walk him and back again so only do on my days off. Will try more in the longer days. Just done an hour with him today, he gets so excited when he sees me, he actually screams.
      Thanks for listening, just needed a fellow doggy person to tell.

  3. Your scarf looks great, I will attempt one at some point. Those pancakes look great too, you can't bet covering something in cheese sauce to cheer anyone up. I hate any kind of nastiness it is so rude, upsetting & just so unnecessary for the person at the end of it. My boys have been brought up to keep that in mind>

  4. The pancakes look delicious! Thanks for the welcome :)

    1. You are most welcome, oops pun not intended, They were very good, I will be over for a visit later.

  5. Hi please don't change a thing, good or bad I love your blog

    1. Thank you Sandy, I have popped over and joined your blog, now you need to post those photos, sorry I shouldn't be so bossy, I am just nosey by nature.

  6. There is a blog I visit where the owner does warn people this is her opinion, she sometimes speaks her mind which may offend some and if you are of a sensitive nature best not to read it. I can't remember who it is but she's right, if you don't like it don't read it. I don't swear it's something I'm not comfortable with but I don't believe I have the right to read someone's blog then tell them they offended me because they do. Off me soap box now!

    Your pancakes look great, I don't like chillies but Mr B does and I'm sure he'll love this so thank you for the idea. Your scarf is so pretty, you evidently pick things up quickly, Lucy at Attic24 is a great blog to follow I leaned to do the ripple blanket through her. Also Bobwilson on youtube does great tutorials, she is brilliant.
    I enjoy your blog because you're down to earth, say it like it is and I have picked up so many handy tips from yours and Froogs blogs.
    I'm going to pop over to Mandy's blog now for a read.

    Peg x

    1. I didn't make the sauce too hot, just a sprinkle of cayenne and a pinch of dried chilli, I used Double Gloucester cheese as it was half price at the Co Op, it is now in my freezer, some grated, some cubed ready to go into bread dough of homemade burgers either beef or kidney bean.

  7. Good news re Ben, what an experience though.
    Totally agree with you about people who persistently comment negatively on blogs - don't read if you don't like! it's a bit different leaving a comment which might be at odds to the blogger's opinion - I think that's fair enough, but you should argue constructively and not in a negative or nasty manner. Oh, and pleased to hear your friend is ok, that must have been a shock.

    1. Marina was very lucky, her car looked as if it had been under a Tank.


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