Monday 10 March 2014

Purple Porridge Oh My!

Yesterday while blog hopping I read that someone ( I am so sorry I did not take in who's blog, it was early) had added brown sugar and coconut to their porridge and made it with milk.
I love porridge and have it for breakfast most days, I make mine with water and a good pinch of salt. It is lovely but a bit boring this morning I rebelled, I used half and half milk and water, a pinch of salt and 2 Tbsp of desicated coconut, half way through the cooking time I added a handful of blackberries that I had defrosted and a grated  apple, oh boy was it LOUD. Now I have to 'fess up that I did not stop to take a photo (I will tomorrow). It was delicious, I am also going to try it with some of my lovely pink rhubarb. I do like to eat a rainbow every day and purple is an expensive colour to buy, think plums, blueberries and cultivated blackberries, good job I have lots in the freezer. This will also help towards eating my way through the chest freezer.

On  different note, did you see Crufts last night? Ricky was a star performer, his personality shone out plain and clear to see. I did think that Colin was a cutie and my personal favourite was the little American Cocker, I have met the breed many times and they are hard working little dogs, of course only the show dogs have that amount of coat, think of getting mud and brambles out of that after a days work. Just like their bigger English cousins they stop for nothing, if they can not get through the tangle of undergrowth they just back up and take another rush at it.

All the dogs were superb and I am looking at Ben and remembering that not that long ago I had 3 ESS, a puppy of dubious ancestry and 2 cats. I have to add that all but my very first ESS have been rescue dogs.
Oh and what about the Collie dancing, I love that part of Crufts equally as much as seeing the dogs.

I spent most of the morning out in the garden clearing and digging over a large raised bed, this is in the shadiest part of the garden and the soil is wonderfully friable.
Of course Ben and I managed 2 walks as well, by lunch time I had most certainly worked off my porridge. I had the last of a batch of soup in the fridge so heated that up and threw a couple of lumps of frozen spinach in.

It was very tasty and just what I needed . I am making Felafels tonight, not the standard recipe though. I will be using a Tomato, Red Pepper and Quinoa mix from AF, I do like Quinoa and thought it would make a change. I have salad and wraps to have with them.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. I gardened in bright sunshine.

2. The soil was lovely and crumbly.

3. Ben had fun playing while I worked.

4. My washing whirled round and dried in 2 hours.

5. The ironing is done and put away.

I am hoping to spend most of my mornings this week out side, it feels as though I have sat in and watched the rain for ever. I am sure that most people feel the same. I need to sort through my seeds
tonight and make a list of anything that I ought to buy. I will only be growing for the summer as I hope to move by October. 
I started to crochet another hat but half way through decided that I didn't like it and unraveled it. I will have to look for a pattern book I think.

The sun has just burst through the clouds so I think Ben and I will make the most of it for a quick walk.

                   TTFN                                    Pam


  1. I wizz my porridge up in the morning with a banana & some dried fruit. I add blueberries in the summer too, your soup looks lovely.

    1. My soup was delicious and hit the spot.

  2. I thought the Scottish dancing with the dog was amazing. I think the dog was better than the bloke! Lol

  3. I hope you enjoyed your falafels; I had some of this mix too from AF and love them.

    1. They were very tasty but a bit too smooth for my taste. I will add some chopped onion to the next batch.

  4. Your purple porridge made me smile and remember the pink milk puddings we had at school, you know the ones Rice, Sago, Tapioca, and a blob of jam, who could resist stirring it up and making it pink!! In secondary school the jam was swapped for prunes!

  5. I must tell you that I HATE all of those milk puddings, luckily my best friend sat next to me at lunch and she ate mine. I will now eat rice pudding on the odd occasion if I make it as I use Basmatti rice so it does not go gloopy and sticky. I never eat Thai sticky rice either. I do sometimes stir chilled Basmatti rice into clotted cream ans fresh strawberries, heavenly.


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