Thursday 27 March 2014

You have to break a lot of eggs to make an omelette

Thank you all for your kind comments yesterday, I will answer them all shortly. I started this in a hurry, nothing new there, and forgot to visit comments first.

Look what's occurring.

Remember this, well have a look at it now.

The rest of the kitchen is in much the same state. My lovely dresser has gone to it's new home. It was far too big and heavy to move and I will have a new one once settled. My cooker has decided to die on me, why it couldn't have hung on for another couple of months I don't know. I have found one on e bay just a few miles away, I don't want to buy a new one before I move.( My heart is set on a Rayburn or Aga type solid fuel range.) I would rather put a decent second hand one in to leave behind.

The kitchen walls will be papered with a plain white embossed paper that is paintable but I will leave it white. Who ever buys will probably rip the kitchen out and replace it, I would. I just want to have it all clean and tidy, ready to move in to when I leave. We went right through before we moved in 9 years ago, someone else may have to move in and then do the work. I didn't replace the kitchen as it was not very old.

Michael is certainly putting his all into this and the cottage is looking much better for it.

I read Attica24 this morning, all about caravans. It has filled me with ideas for my holiday home, I have found a really nice site between Carmarthen  and Cardigan, nicely situated for me to house hunt, once I am a bit nearer to moving I will contact them and  discuss things.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. I am much better today, back to normal.

2. My cottage is looking bright and cheerful, room by room.

3. I had a real bargain today in wallpaper.

4. The sun is glorious again, there was a cloudburst in Wisbech earlier, not here.

5. Dinner is a one pot wonder in the slow cooker and smells delicious.

There will be lots of slow cookery while the kitchen is being finished, meatballs tomorrow ( Fran's request) and a pot roast on Saturday. Sunday lunch will be in London, Fran is taking the rest of her things back so I will have a day out.

I plan on going to a car boot sale the following weekend, there is a craft and antiques fair as well so hope to have a good day selling all my turn outs and cast offs.

The title, well I am not making omelettes but there is a lot of mess being made and something better will come of it.

It is time for Ben's walk now.

                   TTFN                                                 Pam


  1. Oh, my! You really are tearing into things again aren't you? Moving is such a great inspiration for getting with it! Maybe I need to move too!

    1. i admit that I love moving, it really makes me focus on what I need as apposed to what I want or thought that I wanted at the time.

  2. Glad to hear your illness was short lived and you are feeling better. The move is taking shape and getting closer every day.

    1. I am well and truly over it, a few hours peacefully hooking away with a spot of blog hopping helped enormously.


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