Sunday 23 March 2014

Not a March Hare at all, She's a Bunny Girl.

The day started bright and sunny and absolutely freezing, there was a thick layer of frost on every surface at 5.30 this morning.
I made a brew and took it back up with my knitting from last night that needed sewing up.

Meet Bramble Bunny, go on wave back.

She's sulking now because you didn't wave, and she's flashing her little tail.

I will make this outfit next but I will use the yellow wool for the jacket (still a Norwich supporter at heart).
 I will make the bag as the pattern and a pair of shoes to match.
I do have a third outfit pattern and there will be another in the next magazine issue. I hope that these will help Kaitlin to learn to dress and undress and give her some fun, she does love her dollies.

I walked Ben and Greg round the field this morning and took a few photos but the wind was so brisk that they are not wonderful.

This tree is in a very sheltered spot and you can see how the tassles are being blown about.
It may be better tomorrow, although tonight is supposed to be a harder frost than last night, bang go my peaches.

I will have to make the most of the rhubarb, that is rampaging along.

Reasons to be grateful.

1. A new blog to read, Be Happy, from someone just starting on the frugal pathway.

2. I managed to find Paid in Chickens on Bloglovin, another happy read.

3. Bramble turned out ok, my first knitting project for absolutely ages.

4. Roast Duck for Dinner, love it love it love it.

5. Lots of yarn ready for an afternoons crafting.

I have just remembered that although I finished my shawl I have not taken a photo, I will remedy that tomorrow, I may even model it. 
I will have to see if I can shrink the pattern and make one for Bramble.
The sun is shining as bright as it can so I am off for a potter round the garden, no work mind this is my day off.
Enjoy your day where ever you are and what ever you are doing.

       TTFN                          Pam


  1. I love your Bramble Bunny, and what fun for a little girl to dress and undress. I only have grandsons, sigh....

  2. I have not knitted for years, not since I broke both my wrists but these little things didn't give me any pain at all. My grandson will be getting a Minion hat, and one for Dad too.

  3. Love the knitting, what a nice idea, I'm sure Kaitlin will have lots of fun with Bramble Bunny. You did make me laugh when you said Bramble was sulking - I did wave back, honestly! So glad the knitting wasn't painful, breaking both wrists sounds like a complete nightmare. Vee x

  4. I didn't break them at the same time, there was less than 18 months between though. I have only just been able to wear a watch, the pressure on my wrist was just too painful. I am so glad to be back to normal now. I will make about 6 sets of clothes so Kaitlin can have fun, once she masters that it will be time for a proper doll to dress.


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