Monday 16 May 2016

An Award? for me?

The lovely and crafty Sheila, of Life's too short to iron tea towels has nominated me for the Liebster award. Thus I have fullfilled two of the requirements, link back to the blog from whence it came and post the logo.

Sheila has given me a list of questions to answer, once I have done that I need to post a list of my own and pass it on to other blogs.
Here we go

1. Your favourite way of eating potatoes?

Roast, with garlic. 

2. Favourite craft.....past or present?

Oooh difficult. 

Patchwork and quilting.

3. Skirt or trousers?


4.Favourite room in your house?

Bedroom, my retreat from the world.

5. Carpet or wood/laminate for your floors?

I have carpet now but would love  real wood floors.

6. A book you have read more than once?

Lord of the Rings, along with The Hobbit.
Many many times.

7. Your favourite dinner from school days?

Chicken and Vegetable Pie
followed by
Chocolate pudding with chocolate custard.

8. Long, mid length or short hair?


9. Your favourite ice cream flavour?

Fruit, any fruit.

10. Least favourite vegetable?

Yeuk, slimy
Perhaps I just never found the correct way to cook it.

Now I am supposed to pass this along to other blogs, there are a great many of the awards doing the rounds right now. Also some bloggers are not keen on doing them. So I as the idea behind this is to introduce new blogs I have picked a few that I found fairly recently, and a couple that I have been reading for ages. 
Instead of the award I ask you to have a little visit, then scroll through their comments and pop over to any one that takes your fancy. This is how I find new people to visit and/or follow.
On the other hand if any of you would like to answer the questions, either in a comment or on a blog post Jump Right In.

Henny Penny Lane
Our Shoestring Life
Yellow pink and sparkly
Tales from Spring Cottage.
Bella Coco.
Linda's crafty corner.
Fabric Mutt.

All these can be found in my blog list and are a mixed bunch, feel free to go visit any or all of them.
To those who wish to play along
My questions are.

1. Most hated domestic task.
2. Knitting or Crochet.
3. Favourite Film genre.
4, Best place that you have been.
5. Jewellery  wearer or not.
6. Book or E Reader.
7. Adventurous cook or plain and simple.
8. Walking or Gym.
9. Pets or not.
10. Fresh Oysters or no way Jose.

Apart from that I have not finished sewing the Lattice quilt top together, all the blocks are made but a stonking headache drove me away from sewing and to the pain killers. All I was fit for then was a little gentle crochet and lots of green tea.
Much better today so I am off to lay the blocks out soon. I have to 'fess up to starting the block layout of another quilt and drawing the pattern for yet another. And if that isn't enough I have an idea of a variation on the Lattice pattern, oh my giddy aunt, no wonder I had a headache.
It is my birthday soon and I am thinking that a trip to Lampeter may well be on the cards, I can barely remember my last visit to Calico Kate's and I do love that quirky shop.

My tea is cooling so it is time to go.

                            TTFN                                                                           Pam

PS. My print font is all over the place, no idea why. My apologies.


  1. Hi Pam
    Love your blog - answers from me are:
    1. Cleaning windows
    2. Knitting
    3. Austria
    4. Mysteries and love stories with good endings
    5. Yes love Jewellery
    6. E reader
    7. Love all kinds of cooking plain and adventurous
    8. Walking
    9. No animals. Would love a dog but live in a flat
    10. No way Jose

    Pauline xx

  2. Thank you for joining in. I hate all housework and my bete noire is cleaning the oven, so I wipe it out every time that I use it. I could no more eat a live oyster than run naked up Everest.

  3. Hallo Pam,
    My answers are -
    1. Cleaning the oven
    2. Knitting
    3. Murder mysteries and thrillers
    4. Texas, USA
    5. Used to wear jewellery, but now only pierced ear-rings
    6. Book
    7. Plain and simple
    8. Walking
    9. Pets. We've had five Irish Setters. Will probably get
    another rescue dog once we've moved in a few weeks.
    10.No way Jose

    Joan (Wales)

    1. After 5 Setters I can understand the walking, when I had my Springers I walked with a woman and her 2 Setters. We could have left many an athlete in our wake.
      I am a book person too.

  4. Okra fried is good otherwise it is like you say slimy.

    1. I have never tried it fried, would it have to be dusted with flour or dipped in a batter?

    2. Dip it in cornmeal, roll in and egg wash and then the cornmeal again. Fry it til it's crunch and go for it. That's the ony way my TX raised husband will eat it.

    3. Many thanks, I will try it out.

  5. 1. Most hated domestic task.******* Dishes
    2. Knitting or Crochet. *******Neither, my hands don't listen to my brain.
    3. Favourite Film genre. ******Action and Historical
    4, Best place that you have been. Paris
    5. Jewellery wearer or not. Rings and my tennis bracelet.
    6. Book or E Reader. B oth
    7. Adventurous cook or plain and simple. I can whip up new things, but summer's coming so it'll be open the grill time for burgers and grilled veges/
    8. Walking or Gym. Walking. 2 dogs.
    9. Pets or not. I love my dogs. Miss my cat.
    10. Fresh Oysters or no way Jose. No slime.

    1. Thank you for joining in. When ever I see someone on TV about to slurp down oysters I have to look away.

  6. Thanks for joining in Pam-x-

    1. It was fun, I think that a random set of questions might make a fun post every now and then.

  7. Oops! I'm always late, always bringing up the rear...and rarely know what's going on. :) I enjoyed reading your answers.


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