Thursday 19 May 2016

Who Stole Wednesday?

I woke up yesterday quite convinced that it was Sunday, probably due to my trip out. When I was working those things were reserved for Saturdays.
It was around mid morning before I twigged my mistake, never mind, I had prepped dinner by then so Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding it was.
The day started wet and windy but soon turned to sun shine. I walked the dogs (I take Archie and Dolly) once in the drizzle and twice in the sun, they do not mind what it is like.
The remainder of my time was getting this nearer to the finishing post.

It is a basic 9 patch of pink, blue, green and lilac low volume with the od splash of bolder shades. The sashing is the pale blue from Calico Kate and the border is a bold multi coloured polka dot. Not my choice but A picked it, this is another chair throw. The backing is a blue with a large floral print, I will share when the sewing is done.
Today I will mainly be in the garden and greenhouse, the soil was too wet yesterday afternoon, there is plenty to keep my occupied.
It is bright and sunny, my doors and windows are flung wide open and the air is quite warm already.
I have decided that July will be a no sewing month, I really want to give cross stitch and embroidery a fair amount of time. I keep oohing over the wonderful work that I see on blog posts and then whining that I am jealous. It is time to "pee or get off the potty".
I have a block laid out for another quilt and a top waiting for a border, once those are sorted I hope to make another 9 patch quilt by the end of June. If it does not happen then it will go on the back burner while I get busy with Aida fabric and floss.
Yesterday Mum, from her simply living blog, set a list of 10 questions. I thought that it would be fun to answer them, perhaps we could get a Round Robin going here.

Mum's list.

1. What is your favourite meal?

What ever is on my plate.

2. Do you have a party piece? If so, what can you do?

No,  I am usually  having too much fun to "perform"

3. Do you sing in tune or out of tune?

Oh dear, in the words of Billy, I sound like a goose farting in the fog.

4. What was your 'best bit' today?

As the day is young I have to say Waking Up.

5. What was your last 'good turn'?

Walking my friends dogs yesterday.

6. Are you social or anti-social?

Social, I love meeting people and can chatter for Europe.

7. What is your most annoying habit?

Going off at a tangent when talking.

8. What is your least favourite food?

Anything with Okra.
( we won't mention Oysters)

9. Dieting or not dieting? (I had to put that one in.)

Should be but not.

10. Name one form of relaxation that you enjoy.

Crochet mainly but any form of hand work.

Any one who fancies joining in the list is on Mum's post ready to be copied and pasted.

Now I am off to collect A's dogs and go for a walk.

                         TTFN                                            Pam


  1. Your post made me smile. What a great quote "I sound like a goose farting in the fog" it appealed to my sense of humour.

    1. I have been a fan of Billy from way before he was famous. It is such a shame that he will perform no more.

  2. Thanks, Pam, I had a good chuckle at some of your answers. My mind is still boggling thinking about that goose!

  3. I might have to 'pee or get off the potty' with my crochet!!! X


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