Wednesday 4 May 2016

Here I go again

The weather has been great again, I have been in the garden for a good part of the day.

B     U      T

I have heard the siren call of the sewing room all that time.

My scrap bag has been partially emptied, lots of pressing had happened and this afternoon I started sewing.   Now there is more pressing to do but it will have to wait.

I unearthed some orphan blocks, some playtime blocks and a disaster or three. Then picked a handful of strips and started piecing.

Leftover string blocks in the middle here.

Oh the shame of it, look no points.

Some Cathedral windows from a Missouri Quilt Co tutorial.

A myriad of strippy bits, some complete with selvedge edges, from a Trip Around The World quilt.

I have a trip into Ystalavera this evening and I am hoping to squeeze a walk with Ben in there somewhere.

Yesterday was glorious, I emptied the laundry bin and it was all dried, ironed and put away by 8.00 last night. BLISS.
Today has been even better and I had to slather on the factor 50 and dig a hat out.
I would rather be "Pale and interesting" than a bit of old leather.

Salad for dinner, with a tub of mixed olives and feta that I picked up in Tesco for 30p, reduced from £3!! I ask you it only weighs 160 grams including the plastic pot.

I weighed myself this morning, horror but no shock there. I am still overweight but seem as fit as a fiddle so decided to stop thinking about it.

Looking back this post is almost as scrappy as my sewing, hey ho, I am so pleased that my English teacher is no longer able to make me squirm with one look.
I do owe her though, I practised that look and it has quelled many a quarrelsome person over the years.

                     TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Finally the weather has picked up here too, it was certainly needed after all that weird weather we have been having of late. Lets hope it is here to stay.

  2. You could quilt for the Olympics and be the gold medal winner Pam!

  3. It's been glorious here today and we've been playing around in the garden after a trip out. You've got a lot done as always. Where do you get all your energy from. I'm trying very hard to stop being overweight after trying on my jeans. Out of 4 pairs only one pair fits. The diet is on!

  4. Ooooh I spy lots of yummy fabric there. You are tempting me to have a go but I have other projects to do first so I have to resist-x-


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