Thursday 12 May 2016

Another one on the way

I have pulled 5" squares and, fingers crossed will have enough, and cut the 1 1/2" sashing strips. If my count is correct there is enough for a large quilt. If not I will either make some more or add a border.
I have another 9 blocks finished and am pleased with how they look.


I ordered some fabric from Lady Sew and Sew at the beginning of the week and it arrived this morning, very pretty from Free Spirit and only £6 a metre.


This is for the border on a scrappy quilt, I wanted something light but nothing bright enough to fight with the busy quilt.

This is the "hospital waiting room" crochet, it will use all my part balls and probably end up on the sofa........decorated with Ben.

I set more seeds this morning and have a pile of plants to pot on later, it is much too hot for that job yet.

The last time that I was in Neath I trawled the charity shops, as usual, this time I did not come away empty handed. I bought a pair of enormous curtains for £2.98.  The lining was stained and sun bleached but the actual curtain fabric is in perfect condition.
I stripped them down today and they are on the whirlygig now, they are around 8' long and 3 widths of fabric in each. I will have 2 pairs out of them ready for the winter. I was given a whole bolt of lining fabric and a massive bag of header tape last year.  My windows are 6' tall so 2 pairs of heavy weight curtains for £3, plus some thread, fills my heart with glee.

Salad for dinner, again, it is too hot to cook and I do love salad. I have some cold roast pork to eat up and am looking forward to it.

Ben has had his dinner and is flat out on his sofa, snoring gently.

I must go and see if the curtains are ready to come in, and then I may just run a few more 4 patches up for the lattice quilt.

              TTFN                                                           Pam


  1. Very pretty blocks and fabric!
    What a great buy on the curtains!
    Hope to see them when you finish them!

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    2. I saw the you tube tutorial and fell in love with it. I did not want the black sashing that they used so went for my all time favourite, Kona Snow. I wrestled the curtains on and off the line and will hopefully get them ironed tomorrow.

  2. Wow that is beautiful. I love the white sashing. It looks like a stained glass window-x-

    1. I was smitten as soon as I saw the video, I have started another batch of the 4 patches but packed up now for the night.

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  3. I might pinch this idea for my box cover! Fab curtain spotting!!

  4. Replies
    1. Pinched! As soon as I've finished my ironing I'm going to leave the board up and get pressing, cutting ( yikes ) , pressing and sewing and pressing!


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