Monday, 9 May 2016

Halfway to hell

That's where I would be if the old saying about the road to hell being paved with good intentions was a fact.

I intended to take photos of the greenhouse, the camera lens steamed up every time I went in there.
I intended to take photos of the plants in the garden, the sun has been so strong that it bleached all the colour from the pics that I did take.
I intended to blog some of the wonderful recipes that I have been playing with, I just scoffed the lot and lolled on the sofa.
I intended to keep my plants strictly sorted, I have a tray of strong healthy tomato plants with not a label in sight.
I intended to be very very healthy, I just ate a cream cake walking from the shop to my car.

BUT     I      have      been      busy.
My friend A, who is wheelchair bound, has a diabetic hubster. He has also had a series of three strokes over the past decade.
On Thursday I spent the day with them putting a greenhouse frame together. The plan was to get it exactly where they wanted it and put the polycarbonate panels in place on Friday. That morning he had a couple of bad dizzy spells with sharp cutting pain over his eyes.
I got him to the GP and we duly trundled off to the hospital in Llanelli, several hours and many tests later he was diagnosed with, an erratic heartbeat, dehydration and a viral infection. They also suspect an eye condition, possibly glaucoma.
This meant another drug to take, a new variation on Warfarin with more blood tests today, in the hospital, more waiting.
The strict instructions (from me) to drink more water. I filled a 2 litre bottle and said he had to drink that on top of his normal drinks.
An appointment for eye checks and tests on Wednesday.
Instructions, and a diet sheet, from the dietitian to lose 3 stone.
I have spent much of the weekend popping back and forth, I am so glad that they are literally a minute away.
Today's bloods were good, the new drug is doing its job.
The extra water is being drunk.
The diet has been read and inwardly digested, so far so good.

The greenhouse will be finished ASAP.

I have been busy with watering can, and the hose as well. Who would have thought it after having a waterlogged garden earlier in the year.

The knitting pins have clicked away. The crochet hook has been a blur, ideal for hospital waiting rooms.
The sewing machine has been whirring.

This is a throw for A, it is to cover her big armchair.

There is no wadding here, just the top and backing fabric, I will fuse them together with some fancy stitching and then bind as for a quilt. she just fancied a thinner version. I will be making another one soon.

Ther was still a goodly heap of random blocks to use up, these are two panels from a quilt. The third is almost finished, it will be on the frame this week and then will be a summer quilt for me. Unless someone else snaffles it.

There is one of the birdie blocks on each of these projects and another lurking in the heap.

As you can see there is a mish mash of blocks, colours and patterns.
A big bonus of all this is that once the heap of blocks have been joined to make another throw for A there will be  

                                      NO MORE SCRAPS.

I have at least 5 more quilt patterns that I want to make up, my next task is to have a trawl round and find a roll of batting. I love a cotton or a cotton blend but many of my quilts go to families with dogs, cats and children. This means washing, lots of washing, so I tend to use a poly wadding. The last one that I used was from Hobbs and I was very impressed, I have 2 more packs to use and if I still like it that is what I will be looking for.

I treated myself to the Dottie Angel dress pattern last week. I aim to make a wearable trial one  from some sheeting. I can then make any necessary adjustments before going on a fabric hunt. I will be using one fabric for the dress and putting side seam pockets in rather than patch.

Sorry, my photo did not print. I will try again tomorrow.                                                    

I see myself throwing this on almost daily, no zips or buttons to fiddle with, loose and cool when it is hot, a polo neck jumper and leggings when it is cool.

Let us hope that this good intention doesn't end up on that road.

Now I am off to sew, press and trim.

                            TTFN                                        Pam

PS. It is now raining,  steady and quite heavy, YIPPEE no watering tonight.


  1. It wont be long until the quilt festival is on again, Aug 11th this year I am planning on picking up a full bale of batting this time round :-)

    1. I have not decided whether to go this year, I don't need anything but a roll of batting and will have that delivered. I don't fancy the driving, my sciatica has been flaring up quite a bit recently.

  2. You certainly have been busy, I always take a crochet project with me for hospital waiting rooms so easy to pick up and down. Love the quilt the wonderful array of fabrics is a feast for the eyes.

    1. I am so pleased to have almost sewn my way through the scraps. Much as I like the scrappy look I am eager to make some patterns up that I have been drooling over.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. No scraps indeed! How lovely that must feel. You can legitimately go fabric shopping with a clear conscience.

    1. Not quite yet, I have the fabric stashed away for some more quilts and intend to get at least 2 of these finished before shopping.

  4. My intentions are as good as yours, so may I join you on the road?
    What a good friend you are!!
    Love the quilt.

    1. I fear that the road may be a little busy, but there is sure to be room for one more. I treasure my friends and am happy to help, there but for the grace of God go I is an old saying and so right.

  5. I am so in love with your quilt specially the birdie block.
    Thrashing it down here and has been for a couple of hours now-x-

    1. We have had a fair bit of rain but it is trying to clear out now. It is very warm out there.

  6. gardeners, the only folk breathing a sigh of relief when it rains as it ticks watering of the never ending list of tasks!

    sounds like you have really had your hands full recently, crafting and helping others, just be sure to look after yourself aswell as everyone else so you dont get run down. Love the quilt and hope you have an amazing week,
    all the best

    1. I never thought that I would be happy to see the rain again, after 3 months of it from November to January and then some more in February.

    2. I never thought that I would be happy to see the rain again, after 3 months of it from November to January and then some more in February.

  7. Wow, you have been so busy! I am surprised you have had time to think! Your quilt looks really, great! Enjoy making the others you want to do!


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