Tuesday 24 May 2016

Just because it amuses me.

A couple of days ago Carol from Spring Cottage set  10 questions for anyone who cared to answer.

1) Are you a summer or winter person?
Summer for the garden and Winter for the sewing, knitting, crochet
2) Do you like to take holidays and if so here or abroad?
Yes, I have been abroad many times but intend to explore Wales now.
3) Was you ever a girl guide or boy scout?
I was a Brownie then a Guide. 
But I really wanted to be a Sea Scout.
4) have you kept in touch with any of your school friends?
No, I kept up with College friends for a while but life took over.
5) If no-one was looking, and you was in your wellies, would you jump in puddles?
I jump in puddles.
Usually I have to because Ben walks round them.
6) Ever met a famous person and who was it?
A few over the years. 
The most memorable was a biggy.
I met the cast of the musical My Fair Lady in Birmingham. Stanley Holloway was very nice, he had time to chat and tell jokes.
Julie Andrews just looked down her nose as she swept through us.
7) Favourite musical film, series or show?
Singing in the Rain.
8) The challenging thing you have made and most proud of
The first quilt that I made for Francesca, it was 4" Half Square Triangles and I hand quilted it.
9) What do you think of dogs wearing clothes? (other than a coat in winter)
No, No and thrice No.
10) From Laura - Spotty or stripy socks?

There you are, all done.
I walked the dogs early today, it is glorious and I wanted to get stuck into the garden.
I have been doing the final potting on of tomatoes and I have to tell you that I have UTP's in the greenhouse. They are some really healthy tomato plants with no labels. I have been through my seed packets and found nothing other than the ones that are labelled.
I am going to pot 4 up and treat 2 as vine and 2 as bush, it will be interesting to see what happens.

I am off to Swansea later, just for a couple of hours and I will be very near a Homebase so will have a little look round.
Apart from that there is no news. I did not sew a stitch in my quilt binding last night, I was tired so just did some surfing and a little bit of telly watching. In bed at 10, asleep by 5 past and slept right through till 6. Wonderful.
Francesca is coming for the weekend, we will be going to Lampeter I think. Depending on what train she has to catch back (and the weather)  we may go off exploring on Sunday.

Right, I have drunk my tea and have time for  another hour outside before getting ready for Swansea.

                      TTFN                                                                               Pam


  1. Oh I am with you on the dog clothes. They are ridiculous.
    Have a lovely day in Swansea-x-

    1. It was only a flying visit but I parked on Parc Tawe and had a good nose round Homebase, Home bargains and Poundstretcher. I found some really big pots for £1.79 each so had the 5 that were on the shelf. I may go to another branch tomorrow and look for some more.

  2. Brilliant questions and answers, I have stitched a single stitch for a few days now trying to clear jobs so i can sew with a clear conscience, enjoy your trip to Swansea

    1. It has been compost all the way today. I just potted on my lemon and Fig trees. I picked up a grow bag house to put them in, then I can cover them up at night for a while. The green houses are full to the gunwales now.

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers. Fancy Julie Andrews being too stuck up to talk to the fans.

    1. These things happen but the rest of the cast were marvellous.

  4. I liked reading your answers. Those things seem kinda fun. I've never dressed one of our dogs in clothes either. It's hard enough buying clothes for me to wear. :)

    1. Ben suffers a coat when it is either pouring with rain or very cold, I did use to dress my dachshund up in dolls clothes when I was a young child though.


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