Thursday 15 June 2017

Flash Bang Wallop

Wot a picture, wot a photograph. With apologies to the so very talented Tommy Steele.

I think that I may just have caught up with photo,s, lets see.

Fran's Dittany socks, love them and will be casting on a pair for myself.

The pattern that the lovely Sheila sent me, I rather fancy the cap sleeved version but will probably have just 1 button below the waist and then a stitched placket to the hem. Time will tell.

I finished Fran's socks early evening yesterday and couldn't sit with empty hands. It was far too warm to work on the Flax, so I cast on the sleeves for a cropped cardigan and I am using the Dittany pattern. I had to be creative with the stitch count but will put that right with the increase rows. Just 2 pattern repeats and it is looking good, to me anyway.

I am using this wool from Debs wool shop, it was one of her super dooper bargains.It is hand wash and dry flat but that is how I treat all my hand knits.

Finally this is the fabric that I bought for Fran's Pilates trousers, I sent her a photo and she likes the pattern and colour. The fabric has been washed and pressed and will be cut out later today.

Phew, I think that I am caught up now. 

I paid the price of my wonderful nights sleep last night, I managed about 2 hours between bouts of tossing and turning. I threw the towel in just after 4 and got up.
 Ben didn't so much as flicker an eyelid as I walked past him, in the end he had to be winkled out at around 8:30.

Dinner last night was a pasta dish, the sauce was full of various veg, lots of garlic and some plump olives. With it we had a chopped salad, also with olives, the ones that come stuffed with garlic, yummy yum yum.
Fresh fruit for pudding, a mixture of peaches, strawberries and  watermelon. Delish, and just the thing to dampen down the garlic.

Tonight it will probably be a crustless quiche, I want to empty the salad drawer and have some milk to use up. The premise behind crustless is that I may just make a fruit crumble with custard, well I need to use the milk up don't I.

Fran arrives tomorrow and we will be having meatloaf for dinner with sweet potato mash and cauliflower cheese, at her request. That tells me that she is having a hard week and needs "nursery food".

I need to sit down with a cuppa and workout a list of makes for the next 6 weeks. I would like to see 2Kg of yarn out of stash by the end of July and another one of the boxes of fabric emptied. I have emptied 2 but have several lengths of fabric that are washed, pressed and ready to be used. It is a big wish but 3 fully lined dresses will use up a sizeable chunk of that.

I want to make another hanging thingy tidy, wide enough to take  A4 punch pockets. Simply because my pattern folders are full enough and there are several things in my Ravelry library that need printing and Mandy has a new sock pattern in the making.

 That's it for now, I need more tea and then I have to finish off my Elderflower syrup. WOOPS I forgot to tell you. Yesterday when we were in the garden I realised that my Elder tree was dripping with lacy flowers and the scent was intoxicating. In fact it was the scent that made me realise it was ready, a good bunch were picked but I have left lots of flowers to develop into berries for jelly.

The heads have been steeping overnight and will be strained and so on this morning. Francesca loves Elderflower Presse and buys it whenever it is on promotion. I have 3 bottles with her name on to be filled, some sparkling water and she can have homemade presse whenever she likes.
I really am off now.

                          TTFN                                        Pam


  1. Sorry for your restless night. I'm familiar with those...dragging this a.m. after turning on the light to read at 2 a.m.! The mushroom print fabric is adorable.

    1. I got over it pretty quickly and I like the fabric too.

  2. I hate tossy, turny nights and being up at ungodly hours...but I do love that mushroom fabric....what a gorgeous colour.
    Can't wait to see what fabric you choose for the shirt dress-x-

    1. I don't mind the early morning but hate the hot and sticky nights when sleep seems just a figment of my imagination.

  3. The girl who is modelling the dress on the dress pattern is Debbie Shores daughter from the video Sheila sent you......just a little piece of useless information for you Pam lol xx

    1. Thank you, I have filed it away with the lifetimes worth of useless information that I have.

  4. Loved the fabric, I am also loving the sound of meatloaf and cauliflower cheese.

    1. I admit to looking forward to it myself, nothing wrong with comfort food, just not too often.


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