Sunday 11 June 2017

Stitchin in the rain, just stitchin in the rain.

What a wonderful feeling, etc etc etc.

I had a good day playing and Ben decided that he did want to eat after all, but still spent most of his time sleeping.

Here is Fran's new sock, the second one is cast on and I will knit on it later. I plan on some more hand sewing first, I find it very relaxing and not at all tedious.

The row count is much the same as the last pair of shorties but this is patterned. I used the pattern from Mandy's Dittany socks, a paid for pattern on ravelry, and love it. I did use my afterthought heel as I wanted to use the last of my green yarn. I will be kitting the pattern up as written on a pair of longer socks, for me.

A closeup of the pattern, see how neat it is, even on this striping yarn it still shows, but my pair will be in a lighter colourway.

I have finished the prototype wall hanging/tidy away thingy.

I have hung it on a temporary bar for you to see, I will be using a wooden dowel. It is simply too wet to venture up to the shed for a saw to cut the dowel to size.

It is a bit wobbly as my walking foot has given up the ghost. Not surprising considering the amount of work that it has done. I used wadding for the back rather than the iron on interfacing. Simply because I only had enough to do the pockets, I do have some more on order.
While I was cruising up the Amazon I looked for some pattern tracing paper, I don't like cutting my bought patterns to size as I like to pass them on once I have my size traced off. Very often I float between sizes as the measurements used are sometimes quite peculiar.
However I could not find anything suitable at a price I was prepared to pay, I don't want to buy a box of 12 rolls for £How Much!!!
A flying visit to ebay solved everything and I have 20 mtrs coming soon.
Now that I have wandered around a bit, I will go back to my make.

What do you think, is it worth a giveaway? Not the prototype, one made without the wobbles. Could anyone find a good home for one?
Mine will be holding all my  circular needles, they are in a little basket at the moment, each pocket will hold different sizes and hopefully will make it easier for me to keep track of them.

My restful day meant that my eyes pinged open at 3:45 and refused to close again. A cuppa was needed and of course I am far too awake to return to bed. 
Oh dear, never mind, I will just have to knit. It is a crying shame.

I have to find a replacement foot, and I must remember to call it a dual feed foot.I did start to look on the GUR website but they have so many variations that I will wait till Monday and ring them.

You wouldn't believe it, there are peeps in the street, just strolling along chatting away, as though it were the afternoon.
Must be a case of rising damp.

I did a little of my hand sewing last night and then changed over to knitting to watch Doctor Who. I didn't want to run the risk of stabbing myself in an exiting moment. I needn't have bothered, it was a bit Bleh.
It is definitely time for a new Doctor, and maybe some new writers.

I did dally with Indie and the temple of doom before that, I almost know the script word for word now but it is pure escapism with lots of funny bits.
That series of films and the Crocodile Dundee films always make me giggle.

Upon reflection I will be making a different hanging thingy for my circular needles, ( I told you that my mind hops and skips around a lot) it will be twice as wide with more, smaller pockets. Having had a look through the needle collection 4 pockets will not cut the mustard.

I have a copy of the book, Patchwork Please! by Ayumi Takahashi and there is a project for a wall hanging thingy in there....................
I just pulled the book of the shelf, the project is called, You've got mail wall pocket, all the little pockets are pieced to look like open envelopes.
I will hack that and make the pleated pockets, I need enough depth to hold the needles in their cases. 
I will be able to store all the gubbins that come with the interchangeable needles in there as well. 

I think that I will call it a done job here, I could run on for reams otherwise.

Dinner tonight is a surprise, I will have a rummage in fridge and pantry and see what springs to hand and mind. Mmmm I quite fancy something beanyish, perhaps felafels. I haven't made them for ages and I have plenty of mint in the garden.
 So Spicy felafels with a minty yogurt dip, brioche buns (RTC at 20p for 4 and safely tucked away in the freezer) and salad, here I come. 
I wonder if there will be some Koko yogurt in Tesco, it is made from fermented coconut milk and is delicious. A tub will make the dip and leave enough to have with some cooked fruit for pudding. Giving me a delicious, dairy free day, good for my mucus membranes as well as my taste buds and tummy.

                    TTFN                                         Pam


  1. So who do you think should succeed Peter Capaldi? I wish Matt Smith had lasted longer, but Tennant was my favorite modern Dr. I heard rumours of Rupert Grint as well as Daniel Radcliffe but neither of them tick the box for me. With Missy gone as well, I guess we'll have to wait after Christmas to find out. And why they heck did they add Nardole? I like Bill.
    You're up early and I'm getting ready to head to the bed. The pointer is under my desk trying to lick my toes. Weird night.

  2. I quite like the idea of Benedict Cumberbatch, whoever plays The Doctor needs to have presence. I think that Nardole is just a bit of embroidery to liven it all up. Bill is cute but the character needs to develop a wider range of facial expressions.

    1. Even at my age, I think he's yummy. He's going to be busy being a superhero in the Marvel Universe, and don't you think there's another series of Sherlock in him?
      I think Tobias Menzies has a good presence and since he's done with Outlander and only pops up in Catastrophe once in a while, he'd be a good doctor. Plus he's so adorable with those dimples. The clock is nearly 0000 so I must go to bed.

  3. There must be something in the air, I have been up for hours too not able to sleep. Love the socks I am always in awe of your skills, they are such a beautiful colour.

    1. I can take no credit for the yarn colour, it is from the Knit Picks Stroll range. As for the skill, I owe it all to Wniwick Mum and her Sockalong blog posts. But thank you for the praise.

  4. Still miss Matt Smith, I'm with you Pam,he would be wonderful.I have not watched many in this last series, could not get attached to this doctor. I have to make a hanging pocket thingy for our camper van.

    1. I cut a strip of fabric 17" deep across the length of fabric which was 44" wide. I folded it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, and sandwiched a piece of wadding in the middle and just sewed a tacking stitch down the long open side. I cut the pockets 8" by 12" and ironed heavy duty interfacing onto the wrong side. Then I folded bias tape in half and stitched over the long edges before pressing the pleats in. I pinned them to the backing piece and then made some binding and attached all the way round. I folded over enough on the top to push some dowel through and job done.

  5. I love those socks Pam. I love beans type dishes too. I will look out for that yoghurt to try. I'm off to the shop now - maybe they'll have some.

    1. I almost want the socks for myself, it is a good thing that Fran's feet are so small. I didn't find any koko so bought natural.

    2. I didn't find any either. Will look at Sainsrobbers tonight x

  6. Oh I love the hanging thingy :) Pleased Ben is getting his appetite back. I am always in awe of your knitting.Pretty socks <3

    1. Ben is back to normal today, he had a lie in and then got up and nagged me for his walk and breakfast.

  7. I love the hanging thingy, it would be ideal to put my adhesive rollers and tapes and things in as I'm always losing them at a crucial moment!
    Sleep last night came easily for once but I woke up at around 4.40am and it was hard to drop off again. It wakes OH up if I get up so I had to stay put. It meant that I needed a nap this afternoon...oh dear ;)
    Regarding Dr Who, I haven't watched it for years but I just watched Poldark (sings) "there may be trouble ahead..."
    Glad to read that Ben is getting better Pam x

    1. I know just what you mean, things always evaporate at the very second that you need them. I haven't watched Poldark, I saw the first few episodes of series 1 then forgot about it and just haven't got round to catching up.

  8. Love your socks and wall hanging (tidy) i think that's ingenious and a brilliant idea for needles. I must look out for some bargain material as I was sort of bad but the book did leap of the shelf and I couldn't say no lol, I now own the sewing bee book and so want to make the " walkway dress". Keep up the good work x

    1. I knew that my thingy had a proper name. I have that book but, shame on me, I haven't made anything from it. I have an original pattern for the Walkaway Dress and I warn you that sewing on all that bias binding is a real bind. Pun intended.
      I was thinking of digging the pattern out and making it up fully lined, possibly in a double lawn.

  9. I hate it when I can't sleep, I go through bouts of insomnia but I'm having a good run at the moment. It does mean that I don't get as much reading done though as that's what I tend to do when I can't sleep. The sock looks great, such a lovely pattern. I stopped watching Dr Who when Matt Smith took over.


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