Monday 26 June 2017

O wad some Power the giftie gie us

With thanks to Mr Burns.
I see myself in the mirror every day, I walk past it regularly. I thought that I knew what I looked like. Then I put these photos on to the laptop. Oh My Word. Those once upon a time muscular arms have turned to flab. I am not impressed with myself.

My posture is doing absolutely nothing to help and hands in pockets are puffing the skirt out making me look elephantine.

I went to the afternoon tea party and over indulged as I said that I would. 
I did not eat till I couldn't move and it was all that I ate for the day.

The sandwiches were absolutely delicious, I had 5 small ones in wholemeal bread. 
There were home made sausage rolls, I had one but could quite easily have eaten more.
There were warm from the oven quiches and the one that I tried was very good, lovey crisp pastry and melting soft filling. No soggy bottoms here.

I am afraid that I shocked everyone when I persuaded the SO to cut into the tall as a mountain and light as a cloud sponge cake. It was filled and topped with whipped cream and fresh fruit, along with that I managed a slice of lush cheesecake AND half a scone with cream and strawberries.

It sounds shocking and it was very greedy, BUT I only had a slice of wholemeal toast for breakfast and as I have said it was lunch and dinner and nothing else passed my lips all day. 
Well there were a few cups of tea.

I would not go to a party where the hostess had cooked her socks off and announce that I would not be eating as I was on a diet. That would be plain rude, I would just not go.

I should also add that this was over a 4 hour period, I didn't just stuff it all in in 10 minutes.

It was lovely to sit in the garden with all the knitters, and the odd plus one, the close neighbours were there helping and were just as lovely as Debs had painted them.

The dogs, Oh boy, the dogs are drop dead gorgeous, Willow a large golden retriever and Mabel a gold and white Pyrenean Mountain dog. 
They are so gentle and friendly and know that they have to sit down for a fuss and a cuddle.
Sophie was there and fell in love with them, she squirmed to get as close as possible. She was so tired and determined not to go to sleep but finally had to give in for a little nap.

The weather was not wonderful but the rain held off and the sun popped out to brighten things up for a while. A tour of the garden happened and much oohing and ahhing took place.

I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

The lovely Chrissie, from the wool shop, has  had an accident so I will be on tea making duty this Tuesday. I dare say that there will be help on tap though.

This morning I do not feel at all hungry, once Ben has had his walk I will see if I need a slice of toast. I know all about breakfast being the most important meal of the day, but if I am not hungry I will not eat.

Now for something completely different.

I am nearly up to the shaping on my sleeves and as these are round topped not raglan it will be a quick finish.
I have decided to go for the deep V neck with 3 buttons as I do not have that style in my hand knits. I know that means miles of button band to be picked up and knitted but I can cope with that.

I still have the cream with black spots dress to sew up, that will be on the agenda for Wednesday. Today is for house work and some gentle gardening, there is a fresh flush of weeds and a few things need trimming up.

There is one job that I am looking forward to later though, I will be making some ginger in syrup. I, and many of my friends love the stuff, a few jars of that will be in some festive stockings this year.

I did take my camera yesterday and forgot all about it, never mind the light wasn't wonderful. There may be other days to share photo's of debs glorious garden and gorgeous dogs.

And now, my friends it is time for tea, my first of the day.

                          TTFN                                   Pam.

PS. My one, not so lovely, memory of the day are the 3 drivers who were careering along the elongated roller coaster that serves as a road as if they were at Le Mans.
I have christened them, the

                                Braindead Mindless Wallys.

Guess what brand of car they were all driving.


  1. Thank you for your lovely blog, shame about the weather but I think everyone enjoyed it and hopefully the weather will be better for the Knit & Natter BBQ. Willow and Mabel are lost without all the cuddles. xx

    1. i am happy to step up to the mark and shower the girls with as many cuddles as they can cope with. It was a grand spread that you put out for us and I savoured every bite. The weather is not that important when a group of friends get together.

  2. A lovely dress Pam and you look just fine in it. It sounds like you had a lovely time at the party, and the food sounded great - I'm glad you did justice to it (even if you had to starve the rest of the day!)

    I was hoping to come to knit and natter on Tuesday to get help with my sock, but once again, life has intervened and we have to be in town as Keith is having his ear syringed. What time is it please? I assume the Tuesday IS the Llandeilo wool shop?

    BTW, there are always Braindead Mindless Wallies on our roads. We saw 5 lads on motorbikes dicing with death on the A40 from Brecon to Llandovery earlier in the year - deliberately overtaking on blind bends. 3 of them with L plates up! One nearly bought it when he overtook a heavy on a blind bend and met a car coming the other way. Fortunately, he escaped by the skin of his teeth, without causing injury to the other vehicles and drivers. STUPID STUPID BOY.

    1. I did enjoy the tea party and far from starving myself i couldn't have eaten another morsel. I only just now had a slice of toast and only because i have to take my meds with food. We meet at 2:00 in the wool shop on the high street, just about opposite the chemist. There are many stupid boys out there of all ages and both sexes.

    2. I was interested in your husband having his ears syringed as my surgery has stopped offering that. They have tried to stop it for a couple of years and now say they are not funded by the NHS and will not give it to anyone. As a person with an INCREDIBLY small ear canal I have needed syringing for about 45 years so now they say I have to go to a private practice. I just hope it won't cost the earth! Is it different in your practice? Perhaps I should move to Wales?

  3. That's a beautiful style of dress and the pattern is gorgeous. You look perfectly fine in it to me - suits you a lot. Your afternoon tea sounds wonderful - I don't know how you resisted seconds!!

    1. I put so much on my plate that I couldn't manage seconds, it was lovely.

  4. You look cool and lovely in that dress you made, Pam. The afternoon tea sounds wonderful, nobody could resist that....and nor should they, it would be rude to! Thank you for your support on my recent weight posts.

    1. Thank you Sooze, I am quite pink now. You are welcome to my support, I rather think that a support network may be growing.

  5. You look lovely in the dress Pam. I wish I could wear that style but it really doesn't suit me.
    So glad you enjoyed your afternoon tea-x-

    1. I like fitted dresses but not tight ones, I need room to move and breathe, I don't want to feel like a Turkey trussed up ready for the oven.

  6. A beautiful dress and you looked lovely, it suited you. Afternoon tea sounds delicious, it is one of my favourite ever meals. The ginger sounds good.

    1. I like afternoon tea, it can have as many or as few of lovely things as you like.

  7. I think you look lovely and I love your hair.

  8. Spread over four hours, two meals worth of time, it doesn't sound like that much to me, and I too am really watching what I eat. It sounds like you planned your calories to be a gracious and appreciative guest. I too would indulge, and then spend time doing an extra walk, and plan to eat lighter both the day before and after.

  9. My Hubby calls them 'Bloody Mindless Wonders' - I think if a lot of BMW drivers had even half a brain, they would be quite dangerous! Xx

  10. Your day sounded wonderful Pam and I love the dress, the fabric is so pretty and it suits you well.

  11. Lovely dress and the woman wearing the dress is lovely as well. I have come to the point where I no longer look in a mirror, mainly because I think I have grown almost as wide as I am tall. Prefer not to see that if possible.

    God bless.

  12. The afternoon tea sounds delicious. It's not like you eat all those yummy goodies every day, once in awhile treat is okay. The ginger in syrup sound really good, can you share the recipe?

  13. I love that style of dress Pam. It's so lovely. You should (when you have the time and wool) knit a light lavender jacket to go with it. I used to have firm arms (from counting money and running a machine at the bank that printed the amount of checks but age got the better of me. Add the shoulder injury and you've got it.
    The tea sounds wonderful. All those desserts, wow.

  14. The dress is so summerish and light. Good for you enjoying the tea but not overindulging. That is the way to do it.


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