Sunday 4 June 2017

Ooh my neck is stiff.

Nothing to do with the sewing, I have finished the 3 robes and both sets of PJ bottoms, the tops only need about an hour to see them done and dusted.
No, the problem is with knitting. Or to be correct, with picking out someones  work and them putting it right.
I was at my favourite yarn shop, Deb,s in Llandeilo on Friday and I was asked if I would Kitchener the toe of a sock, this had been knitted by a customer who didn't know how. No probs, I thought, 2 minutes work. wrong. The toe had been cobbled together by running the yarn through live stitches and fastened with a knot. The yarn is quite bulky and has a pronounced halo to boot. I sat in bright sunlight and had my magnifying lamp on and struggled. BUT it is done and looks altogether better, I am happy to repeat the favour but will ask for the stitches to be threaded onto a different yarn.

It has been another funny day for weather, brilliant sunshine at 5:30 this morning, pouring down by 8:00 followed by intermittent sun and drizzle. By 2:00 the clouds had vanished and we have had hot hot sun. It is now 4:00 and the sun is blazing down from an azure sky complete with cotton wool clouds, gorgeous.

A little bit of news, one of our knit and natter girls, in fact our Sophie's mum, has designed a sock pattern and is selling it on ravelry. It is called Dittany socks,

Mandy is a very crafty and clever young woman, she knits and crochets like a dream, has dabbled in yarn dying and sews. With 5 children to keep her on her toes she amazes me with all the lovely things that she creates. (mind you the 5 littlies are probably the best)

Do slip over and have a look, I just have to decide what colour yarn to use, it has to come from stash this time. I just need to talk about a custom dye job, I'm not shy I have seen her work and it is really good.

Now Ben has decided that he wants food, Now, Right Now!

                        TTFN                                                 Pam

He may not wear the trousers in this house, but he sure as heck rules the roost.


  1. How nice of you to straighten out a knitting mess for someone. I didn't understand any of it. :) Know what you mean about Ben...It is the same here. Once Eli decides it's time for a walk, he doesn't rest until we are out the door.

  2. Ben hounded me while I got shoes and jacket on, then once we were out he didn't want to return home.

  3. Wow you really are on a roll, all that sewing and then the favour with the sock you are on fire.

    1. just keeping busy, and my hands can not push chocolate into my mouth when they are full of knitting or pins.

  4. How kind of you to sort out the grafting mess, mind you I don't think I would have been that patient and would probably have asked her to undo it all herself and then show her how to graft after it is back on two needles. Hope she has learned a lesson! Had a look at the dittany sock pattern, looks rather nice and doable (I don't normally go in for heavily patterned socks, as too lazy) and I like the look of the heel.

    1. I haven't met the knitter,she can not get to knit and natter on Tuesday's, I am always happy to play with kitting and help a new knitter out. I want to cast the Dittany socks on as soon as the current shorties are off the needles.


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