Monday 5 June 2017

Managing my time

A few peeps, here and in "real life" have asked me how I get so much done.

It helps that I do not need masses of sleep, and that I like to be busy, even when sitting my hands are seldom idle.

When I worked the hours were quite long and time management was very important, vital really if I wanted to craft and keep a decent home.

I had a "Delia" timetable for every day and a rota that if not set in stone was certainly in some sort of compound. In essence time managed me, my life was played out to the ticking of the clock.

Now that I am retired things are so different, moving to Wales has also played a big part in the change. I now manage time to my own advantage and it is awesome to be in charge. (control freak don't you know)

My garden here  is so much smaller than the one in Tydd, in fact it would probably all fit into the area that was for the dogs to play in.
That doesn't mean that it is groomed within an inch of it's life, if a weed grows freely for a while I do not lose any sleep. 

Although the house here is bigger it is an easy house to manage and having a craft room means that all the "gubbins" stays in one place. Well mostly, there is also a large time saving in being able to leave my work out when I need to stop for a while. Mind you my section of the coffee table has been known to disappear from view on a regular basis.

It is also a blessing that the SO is quite happy to do his share of the chores ( and more when I am in full flood sewing or whatever). I have been known to go for loooong periods of time without touching a duster or the vacuum cleaner. Ashamed? not on your Nelly. We have a steady stream of delicious meals and never run out of clean clothing, all my department, although SO does help with some of the cooking, his knife skills are amazing.

Mostly my day is divided into four segments, in the evening I mostly knit while listening to music or watching the TV. Then again, if there is a sewing project almost there I will spend a little while finishing it off.

Early mornings I watch podcasts and do more knitting, unless I have some sewing that I want to get done. Usually something that needs my full attention and I am the only one up.

Morning and afternoon are interchangeable, gardening and housework take one and crafting takes the other. Monday and Tuesday afternoons I go to knit and natter and I try to have part of one other day out somewhere. I am happy to drop everything for a visit or a trip out, I am the boss after all.

Of course I fit Ben's walks in, NO what I do is fit my days plans around Ben's needs. If he decides that he really needs a walk NOW then I stop whatever I am doing and take him out.
He is getting on a bit and I think that he deserves my consideration and attention as and when. He has his ways of telling me that it is time for a cwtch or a play session. It usually involves him leaping onto the sofa and launching himself onto my lap,with no regard as to what is in my hands.

I do meal plan but it is fluid, I can usually have a meal on the table in 30 - 45 minutes. When I cook a meal I double or even triple up and either chill or freeze the extras. That often gives me a week with little shopping and next to no cooking. It feels quite decadent to take a dinner from the freezer in the morning, and just heat and eat that night, every day for a week. The time gained is wonderful and the SO doesn't have as much washing up to do.

I try to take my time and not rush any thing, I have achieved lots of garment sewing this weekend simply by being organised. I had everything cut out and stacked ready for Saturday morning. I have made the patterns before so I had an easy run without having to consult the pattern notes.

I have another dress cut out and could have started the sewing but wanted to relax with my knitting and catch up with Elementary.

Today I wanted to  pot on my tomatoes, but it is pelting down so I will just do the inside chores. I have plants to take to Jess but again that will be first on the agenda in the morning, unless by some happy chance the rain dries up.

I might just have another cuppa before I start.

          TTFN                                                                          Pam


  1. Sounds lovely - I can't wait to retire!! But, alas, I do still have a few years that I need to work. I just have more that I want to do than will fit into the free time that I do have. C'est la vie.

    1. Oh Vera, even when you have retired there will still be far more exciting things to do than the time to do them all. You will just have to try your best.

  2. Pam, I love your organisation, that is right up my street. People often say the same to me about what I get done but I suppose it is what you choose to do with your time that makes things happen. Jo x

    1. I agree, it is all about choices, if you slump on the sofa and watch wall to wall telly with empty hands you achieve nothing. I do that when I am tired but after I have knitted for a good while. My upbringing will not allow me to have idle hands.


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