Tuesday 6 June 2017

Horizontal, wet and warm.

No I wasn't soaking in the bath, or floating in the pool. The rain was horizontal and very very wet, I was warm, almost toasty.
As the rain increased in volume the temperature seemed to rise exponentially.  Hark at me. I must have heard it on Eggheads.

It may have helped that I was sewing, I had the big Janome, the overlocker and the iron going, they are separated so that I have to walk from one to the other. This means that I get a little exercise and my joints don't get a chance to seize up. Add to that frequent cups of tea, which then lead to frequent gallops up the stairs and it is almost a workout.

I may not have done the garden jobs but I have a new dress, it is in a heavier weight cotton than the birdcage one and the lining is thicker also. It is all cotton so will  not be too warm for a Welsh summer but will layer over thick tights and a polo neck sweater for the colder months. I aim to get my money's worth.

I used the same basic pattern but used a scooped neck rather than the V neck. I also added an inch to the bodice length which is a much better fit for me. The colour here is far too blue.

I stood the model on my sewing table, you can see some of the yarn stash on the left. Behind the model are shelves holding plastic boxes of fabric pre cuts and off cuts. My machine bits, feet, tools and so on are here as well along with bobbins, pins and patterns. In fact all the detritus that seems to gather in a crafting space.

This is as close to the real colour as I am likely to get, as you can see I added the pockets from the Hollyburn skirt on each side. I do like this pocket, it is not too large but because it is attached to the waist and side seams it will hold my phone, small purse and any essential little bits that I need (tape measure, circular needle, you never know when you will happen upon a yarn or fabric shop) without dragging.

I have fallen in love with the basic pattern and will be keeping it for lots of future sewing. It has been traced onto heavyweight sew in interfacing and is stored in a wool warehouse yarn bag. You can see it hanging in the background of  the top photo.

Ben was not at all concerned with the rotten weather, he just popped out into the garden when he had to and shot back in at 100 miles an hour. He took up his station under my sewing table and crunched away on his bone. At times the table was vibrating he was working so hard.

The SO was equally busy, he was giving the sitting room a good fettling. I know, I know I am so fortunate. The weather was almost on my side as he could not do the job scheduled for today because of the rain.

Today is knit and natter and I will be going, whatever the weather. I did not go to the one in the local library yesterday afternoon as I was too immersed in my sewing and the time ran away with me.

Dinner last night was cooked in the slow cooker, a Lamb something, just some leftover roast lamb diced up and stirred into a smokey sauce with the trinity, onion, celery and green bell peppers diced and sweated off in a little oil. I added some minced fresh ginger as well, we both loved it. I cooked sweet potatoes in their skins and steamed the last of the broccoli and cauliflower to serve with it.

This morning is dry, so far, with the odd blast of super bright sunshine, Ben was far happier to go for a walk this morning.

Of course I will wear my new dress, probably with a long sleeved tee shirt under it. I have another pattern traced out, the Lilou dress from the Tilly and the Buttons book, Love at first stitch. It was an absolute bargain as it comes with 6 patterns and directions on how to make a skirt pattern from your own measurements. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to any one who wanted to start sewing clothes.

Now I must buzz off and get a few chores done, can't expect the SO to do everything after all.

                   TTFN                                             Pam.


  1. We had horizontal rain here over the weekend, it was an amazing sight. Sadly there was no increase in temperature, it is still quite cool. Love the dress, perfect for all seasons.

  2. Very pretty dress. And, talk of your dinner has my mouth watering (again).

  3. When we have come back from a few days away, you will have to visit again and show me how to do that wretched grafting stitch as I have just screwed up a (reasonable) heel finishing it off like that. Doh! Never mind, sock knitting otherwise going well and not sure if it's the increased inhaler medication or (and probably) relaxing with my knitting but my peak flow levels have AMAZED me. I didn't think my lungs had it in them . . .

  4. Love the dress,I am going to have to get myself the Tilly and the Buttons book I think lol you are a really good enabler. have nearly finished my flax sweater its looking good.

  5. Horrendous rain here since yesterday, I'm expecting the fish to swim out of the pond. Lovely dress, I can see why you like the pattern so much. Your tea with lamb and sweet potatoes sounded gorgeous xx

  6. Very nice.

    Hope you had a great time at Knit and Natter today.

    God bless.


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